You shouldn't legislate because of one moron

But you will, because you love it.

Nelson McCausland intends to ban cheap alcohol promotions which promote irresponsible drinking
The (Irish) social development minister has said he will move to ban some cheap drink promotions in Northern Ireland.
Nelson McCausland said he was concerned by promotions which encouraged irresponsible drinking.
Another idiot minister who thinks cheap alcohol is actually forced down peoples throats without their choice; who believes in penalising the majority for the actions of a minority.
He intends to ban cheap drink deals for young people after a man drowned in Belfast two weeks ago.
Joby Murphy, 20, from Glengormley died after falling from a bridge into the Lagan Weir in the early hours of 26 January.
Mr Murphys death was not down to the price of the drinks he consumed, but the amount, and his inability to handle it. Many other people will take advantage of cheap booze and not die, but of course we must have new laws bannig cheap drinks because of the irresponsible actions of the one rather than the responsible actions of the many.

His family said he had been at the Beach nightclub in the Odyssey Pavilion and had taken vodka shots at £1 a go.
His father said cheap drinks deals were "irresponsible".
I can understand a distraught family looking for someone or something to blame, but penalising the rest of society is wrong, when if blame must be placed, it must land with the individual who made the choice to drink more alcohol than he could safely handle.

That is also assuming that the booze he drunk was responsible for his death and it was all consumed in this one club.
At the time of the tragedy, Beach nightclub issued a statement saying it would be happy to abide by sensible minimum pricing and that its staff never serve anyone who is drunk. The club offered its sympathy to Joby Murphy's relatives.
If they never serve anyone who is drunk then why would they be happy to abide by minimum pricing? They should have issued a statement saying they did not force the guy to come in the club or drink any alcohol, it was all down to his own choice.
Mr McCausland also revealed that crime in the area close to the Odyssey had increased by 50% in 2011.
Crime is up all over the place because the fabric of society is slowly falling apart and the police and courts are no longer fit to deal with it. Can he offer any evidence that crime is up simply because of this nightclub and the drinks it sells? And fifty percent of what? 10 crimes or a thousand crimes?

"There are clear health, as well as public safety issues to be addressed and I am confident our community will support positive action," Mr McCausland said.
I'm sure they will. Everyone loves a ban when it's not thier lifestyle choices you are banning

Colin Neill, chief executive of Pubs of Ulster, said he supported the minister's commitment to address the issue.
"The responsible retailing of alcohol is of paramount importance to Pubs of Ulster and whilst the majority of the licensed trade acts in a responsible manner, there are a small number who choose to push the boundaries on drinks promotions.
"These irresponsible promotions have no place in our industry, as they appear to encourage the misuse of alcohol in towns and cities across Northern Ireland," he said.

If pub trade groups are also willing to back this nonsense then the industry is truly dead.


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