Usless product of the week

In a consumerist society where people are hell bent on buying crap that they don't need and cant afford, companies are always trying to invent the next must have item.

Sometimes they are successful and get customers queueing through the night to buy the next model of a mobile phone; people who have probably forgotten how to use the things to make a simple call. Occasionally they will stumble across a really useful invention that actually enhances peoples lives, although the creation of the paperclip, microwave oven, Sinclair C5 and velcro all came about in a different economy to the one we have now.

Most of the time they just invent bollocks. Like this.

USB interface
Supports USB 2.0/1.1
Plug and play
No driver required
Connect these slippers to your PC or laptop USB port and your feet will be quickly wamred by the internal heating pad
Slipper contains a warming pad that operates on safe and reliable 5 volt USB power
Just slide these slippers on your freezing feet, plug them into a USB port on your computer, and your feet will suddenly become
Super nice and toasty!
The cord is nice and long, so you'll still be able to dance around your work area, and the front of the slippers can even become detached so you can run to the bathroom or get a snack without removing your feet from these wonderful heated cocoons!

USB heated slippers. Have I seen it all now? I think so.


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