Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

I let Mrs Bucko loose with the debit card again today. You would think I had learned my lesson on that one by now. You know what she came home with? A bloody apple tree. I shit you not.

I've started planting some veg seeds now the weather has become a bit milder. They are mostly in seed trays inside at the moment, but I've done some outside too. When Mrs B said she was going out I asked her to pop by the garden centre and grab me a couple of grow bags. She came back with two grow bags and a frigging tree!

Mrs B: "Bucko! I've bought you a present!" *beam*
Me: "Where in holy hell am I supposed to put that?! *high pitched girly voice*
Mrs B: "Your problem." *giggle*

So I spent the afternoon digging a ruddy great hole in our front garden to plant an apple tree. It looks quite cool now it's done. It's a bit twiggy at the moment but I expect it will be laden with fruit in a couple of months (or so).

I love that woman :-)

We were invited out on someones leaving do in Blackburn last night. When we were young, Blackburn had some of the best nightlife in Lancashire. Now it's the last refuge of the damned. There's only two busy pubs left. Ones a Weatherspoons and the other's a gay bar.

The night was pants so we decided to bugger off and visit a pub with a pool table. When we got there we found they had binned the pool table and replaced it with karaoke.

Instead we went to visit some friends from the pub trade who own a failing pub in the centre. There was no problem having a good long chat with them as there was no customers in at all. Apparently there are never any customers in, they just open up for two hours on a Friday and Saturday night to have a drink. It's like a bit of an extension to having a bar in your back room. It's such a pity they're non smokers. I can't see why they still bother myself, they're both financially independent, they could avoid the hassle.

There's nowt as queer as folk. Probably why the gay bar is doing so well.

In the end we opted for a taxi home and an early night. I still woke up with a hangover though. I don't know what they are putting in pub beer these days but it isn't pleasant. Maybe the pub co's are preparing us for the inevitable alcohol ban and the following influx of teetotallers.

Tonight I'm doing nowt. A few scoops in front of the telly box will see me right.

I must be getting old


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