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To boldly forego: Trekkie loses his painstakingly recreated Star Trek flat to ex-wife in divorce
When Star Trek obsessive Tony Alleyne was separated from his wife, he embraced the chance to turn their old flat into a recreation of the inside of the Starship Enterprise.
But the 58-year-old's painstaking efforts may have been for nothing.
His ex-wife wants to sell up - and she intends to offer buyers a more conventional looking home.
I felt for this chap when I read his story in the Daily Mail. I'm an avid Trekkie myself, although I've never done anything quite like this. Given the opportunity, I can't say I wouldn't though.

"Mr Alleyne has spent the last ten years transforming the one-bedroom property into a sci-fi fantasy, with a computerised flight deck, flashing lights and even 'transporters'.
He is devastated by the news that his ex-wife Georgina wants to sell the flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire, where he has been living by himself since their break-up."
I'm gutted for him. He must have put so much time and money into creating that flat. He's been there for ten years now. His ex-wife doesn't want to sell the flat, she wants to destroy what he has created*. Exes can be real vindictive cows but this one takes the cake.

"'Trekkie' Mr Alleyne said it would cost at least £100,000 rebuild the interior elsewhere, according to The Sun."

*I'm guessing. To be fair, she has been paying the mortgage. I still think he should be entitled to some kind of special 'crazy Star Trek fan' dispensation. Maybe he could apply to have it turned into a listed building star ship. My opinion on this may have a slight bias.

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