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New drivers to 'be supervised by an over-25' in a raft of new measures to cut insurance premiums
Newly qualified drivers could be banned from getting behind the wheel unless they have someone over 25 with them.
The idea is part of a raft of measures being considered to tackle the soaring cost of insurance.
What a brilliant idea. Not. What is a new driver going to do if they don't know someone over 25 who is willing to accompany them on every journey? Rentapassenger?
Floated by the insurance industry, it is expected to be discussed at a Downing Street summit today.
The Department for Transport will consider giving drivers who have just passed their tests a probationary period where they must be accompanied by an experienced driver who is over the age of 25.
Many people take their driving tests late on in life. Are forty somethings also going to have to be chaperoned on every journey?
A source close to the summit said insurers could cut premiums for them by installing black boxes in vehicles to monitor behaviour.
These would guarantee cheaper premiums based on vehicles being used only in the daytime or on the basis they keep to the speed limit.
This nonsense has already been pulled apart over at Longriders blog. Some people have thought me silly in the past for refusing to use sat-nav systems. I have warned for a long time that if your car can communicate with a satellite, it won't be long before those same satellites can track and record your movements, monitor your driving and issue you a ticket through the post if you exceed the speed limit.

Sound far fetched? If your insurance company can monitor your speed, how long before the government demands access to the same information? You know what they are like. New vehicles will one day roll off the production line with these boxes already installed. How about cameras too, to make sure you aren't using a mobile phone? We all know that once the government eradicate mobile phones and speeding, there will never be another road accident.
David Cameron is expected to say: ‘I want to look at what action we can take to bring down insurance premiums and the costs for drivers, families, consumers and businesses.
I know how you could slash insuracne prices overnight. Make it non-compulsary.


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