Thin skinned person of the week, plus crappy excuse bonus.

Aintree woman’s fury over Liberal Democrat nutters leaflet ‘slur’
A MERSEYSIDE woman today told of her outrage after a political party appeared to brand her and other voters as "nutters".
The phrase was used by Sefton Liberal Democrats in a document naming residents blacklisted from receiving a party newsletter, which was accidentally posted through a neighbour’s door.
Trade unionist Claire Traynor, 32, and her partner were named with four others who live near her Aintree home in a column headed: "NUTTERS. Please DO NOT deliver to:"
LOL! It's a bit cheeky referring to voters as nutters but I wouldn't personally go for 'outrage'. I think I would be honoured to have caught their attention in such a way :-)
The Lib Dems insisted the term was not directed at Ms Traynor, claiming it was a long-standing nickname given to the volunteer team who deliver the pamphlets. Party leader Cllr Tony Robertson said there had been no intention to offend.
And there's the crappy excuse. It may be true but I doubt it.
But Ms Traynor, who was handed the document after it was accidentally posted through a friend’s letterbox, was fuming.
 Ms Traynor, of Mostyn Road, said: "I am really upset because it is a term I find really offensive. I know people with serious mental health problems, which makes this so much worse. "It is quite distressing."
Come on love, don't try to make out that this is a mental health issue. They were not comparing you to somebody who is mentally ill, they don't think you are mentally ill and they were not using the word in anything like that context. Don't take offence on behalf of a group who have not been offended, in order to make your offence appear to have meaning.

So why why was this woman blacklisted? What had she done to get herself taken off the Lib Dems mailing list?
She was taken off the delivery list because she was recently elected for Labour to Maghull town council.
She's a Labour councillor? But they're all n...



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