Nannied if you do, nannied if don't.

How diets are destroyed by home cooking: Large portions and clearing a plate blamed

Dieters relying on healthy home-cooked meals wreck their efforts to slim by dishing up large portions and feeling obliged to finish everything on their plate, a survey has found.
The study from Weight Watchers has revealed that the increasing trend for home-cooking, led by celebrity chefs, TV shows such as Come Dine With Me and the need to save money, can have unexpectedly fattening consequences.
Well wadda ya know! Takeaways make you fat and now home cooking makes you fat.

There's some interesting wording in that statement too. The increasing trend for home cooking is apparently to be blamed on celebrity chefs, yet our nanny Government has been pushing home cooking for ages. It is also blamed on the need to save money, yet that same nanny Government keeps telling us that everyone eats unhealthy processed and takeaway food because it is cheaper.

So in whose interest is it to move people away from home cooking and on to cheap ready-meals? Maybe a company that produces cheap ready meals, such as Weight Watchers?

The survey also found that although 57 per cent believed they dish up the recommended portion sizes, only 14 per cent of people actually did.
There are recommended portion sizes for meals you cook at home? Surely people are able to judge for themselves how much food they need to eat without nannying advice.
Warnings over obesity levels have mainly concentrated on what is bought from takeaways or fast-food outlets, which last year triggered the launch of the Government initiative, The Public Health Responsibility Deal.
But now Weight Watchers suggests that education on healthy eating needs to begin much closer to home.
Great. Isn't there enough busybodying from the Government and it's lobby groups without having them pester us on how much food we cook at home. Home cooking has been around since the dawn of man. Government intervention has never been necessary in the past, but I suppose if you are trying to breed a nation of state dependant imbeciles, you can't allow them the sanctity of privacy in their own houses.

Two out of three (68 per cent) questioned aim to dine at home more this month.
These people must have a bit of money. My aim is always to dine out more, yet I can rarely afford it.
A quarter of those (24 per cent) say this was to cut calories, nearly a quarter say they want to be healthier and 54per cent saying it was to save cash, many will struggle to reach their weight loss goals judging by the common eating-in mistakes identified in the report:
None of this however, is any business of the Government. Please let's not start throwing away more taxpayers money in an effort to 'do something'.


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