It was the SMOKING BAN!

MORE than a thousand traditional neighbourhood pubs have shut in the past two years, figures show.
They spell the death of the suburban local typified by TV’s Queen Vic and the Rovers Return.
As many suburban premises are calling time as those in city centres, high streets and rural areas combined.
These little stories about the death of the traditional British pub keep cropping up from time to time. I long for the day when the MSM grows a set big enough to question the figures and look for the truthful reason.
They have been hit hard by supermarket prices, tax rises, “greedy owners” and a fall in pub-going, says The Campaign for Real Ale, which compiled the figures.
Lame CAMRA, very lame. Supermarket prices have always been a damn site cheaper than pubs. They sell booze, pubs sell an evenings entertainment.

By "greedy owners" I'm assuming you're referring to the breweries and pubco's. In my experience they certainly can be a bit over the top with rents and ties. A tenant needs to be constantly on the ball when negotiating deals, but pubco's don't go as far as to purposely price themselves out of business.

As to a fall in pub going, why is that? Why are more people staying at home and choosing to take more advantage of cheaper off sales booze rather than spend an evening down the pub?

The smoking ban.

The smoking ban.

The smoking ban.

Let's have the courage to face facts and question the ban. Let's acknowledge the damage it has done.

I'll give you tax rises. Between the demands of Government and the health puritans, taxes are getting silly.
That's the lesser issue though. Come on MSM, question the ban. Stop being a mouthpiece for prohibition.


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