High hopes

Giving up alcohol or going on a detox for one month is pointless, especially after the excesses of the festive season, says a liver charity.

Yes of course it is. But I bet the answer is total abstinence or something to do with Government guidelines?


Instead, the British Liver Trust says drinkers should make a decision to stay off alcohol for a few days every week throughout the whole year.
Experts agree that a short period of complete abstinence will not improve liver health.
A longer-term attitude to alcohol is more desirable, the charity said.
Sound enough advice. Do we possibly have a charity that isn't all about nannying and government intervention?

*Checks other news*

Government-led policies on alcohol throughout the UK have been branded a joke by the chief executive of the charity the British Liver Trust.

"We need to see direct action to prevent the daily death rate from liver cancer increasing," said Mr Langford.
"At the moment all we are seeing are weak policies or no action at all. However, there are so many solutions to the problem."