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Food firms 'market to children online'

Unhealthy food is being "shamelessly" promoted to children online to get around bans on television adverts, campaigners have claimed.

Oh really? Yawn.

The British Heart Foundation cited websites by Cadbury's and Nestle as examples of "cynical marketing".
Sites used childish language, games and free gifts to appeal to children, according to the report.

I was going to do a big fisking of this article but I came across an obstruction. I decided to check out these websites to see if the claims were true. I stumbled across, The Impossible Hoop Game, at the Cadburys website and spent the rest of my dinner hour playing it.

My score is currently 5860.

Not much else to see here.

Oh. And I won't bother spending my money in BHF charity shops anymore.


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