Back to normal

Ah well, that's that then.

Some people get all humbuggy about Christmas. Some people think that if you are not religious then you shouldn't get involved. Some people think that it is just way to commercialised.

I must admit, I'm all of the above to a certain extent.

I opted out of Christmas once, back when I still lived with my parents. It took a couple of years for it to sink in with all the family but they eventually got the message.When I started working in pubs full time, I was even less involved in the family Christmas because I would generally be working on Christmas morning serving dinners to other folk.

Mrs Bucko is different though. She loves Christmas, so when we left the pub trade I found myself involved in it once again.

I do enjoy it now though, a lot more than back in my early twenties. Mrs Bucko does all the prezzie buying and she doesn't go mad, just little token gifts that people will appreciate. We get pretty much the same in return. Mrs B says I'm hard to buy for because if there is something I want I will just go out and buy it rather than wait until Christmas. If there is something I don't want, she will buy it me.

What I like about Christmas now is the family get together that happens but once a year. I like tucking into a great pile of food and booze while everyone is together, and  I like that it's only once a year. Although I wouldn't complain if it was every four years like the Olympics.

Me and Mrs Bucko cooked the Christmas meal this year. It was our first time and I just wanted to be able to say we've done it. Well we've done it and it was a success, but what a nightmare.

With the advantage of a large kitchen and a full compliment of staff, we've catered for 1000 people on Mothers Day, but catering for 13 people at home was a much more complicated logistical operation. And it took two days to clean up. That's why I've not been around here since Christmas eve.

Anyway, like the title says, everything is now back to normal. With a vengeance. I had a quick look round the blogs and the papers this morning, only to find that the concept of peace and goodwill to all men didn't manage to last longer than a day.

When a person is stabbed to death in a gang feud and the police need to fend off angry shoppers (see comments) who don't want their crap buying spree interrupted, you just know Britain is broken beyond repair.

The victim was a member of the notorious London street gang ABM, which stands for ‘All ’Bout Money’, and the killer was believed to have been involved with the rival 031 Bloods. Territorial clashes between the two South London gangs have claimed several lives since 2007.

Does this sound like England or some third world hellhole? It really is time we started throwing people out. I don't care where they were born, where they go or if this makes me sound a racist. If they can't function as civilised members of society, throw them out.

Known by the nicknames ‘Nutz’ and ‘TunaRaw’, he was an active gang member for at least two years.

No loss there then, but I bet the Facebook page is already up describing him as an angel.

The crowd didn't seem to think it was any loss either. The police apparently had to draw tasers to keep the crowds of vultures back. Old Holborn has the video.

I've had enough of this country. A few days off to forget all the crap has been good, but it never really goes away does it.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases in your own way. A few posts will appear here in the next week but I doubt full time blogging will resume until the 3rd Jan. Be excellent to each other.


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