Self protection comes to England.

Cashing in on the riots: American vigilante headed for Britain to teach violence-scarred suburbs to 'kill or be killed'

Typical Daily Mail scaremongery. He's not a vigilante and he's not 'cashing in' on the riots. He's seen an opportunity to make some money by teaching some people some things they want / need to know. I would certainly pay money to get on one of this mans courses if I could find out how.

And what's wrong with kill or be killed? It's a far better option than simply, be killed.

An American who preaches a 'kill-or-be-killed' style of vigilante self-defence is facing calls for a ban on him entering Britain.
Calls from the lefties who hate self defence in any forms, people who believe we should just bend over if attacked. Not from people like me who believe in the right to self defence by an means.

You can tell the Daily Mail is firmly on the side of those who would deny the right to self defence by the way they have lumped 'vigilante' and 'self defence' into the same description. They are two totally separate things. Vigilantism is taking the law into your own hands and actually seeking out someone who has transgressed against you in order to dispense your own justice. Self defence is, well, defending yourself when attacked. Protecting your own life.

Firearms expert Tim Larkin plans to hold a series of training seminars in the UK in the wake of the summer riots.
Las Vegas-based Mr Larkin insists that in 'broken Britain' the only answer for people who feel vulnerable or threatened is to arm themselves with weapons, including guns.
And he is correct. British people are banned from carrying any kind of object that would double as an effective weapon, and it's getting beyond a joke.

He claims to have instructed U.S. Navy Seals, and plans to stage special classes in the cities worst-affected by the August riots.
The expert is planning sessions in Tottenham, north London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham, but the dates and locations are as yet closely-guarded secrets.
I will be trying my best to get into one of these sessions, although it's looking like I won't be successful.

Mr Larkin, who operates under the name Target Focus Training, encourages his followers to respond to attacks with no-holds-barred violence.
He said: 'It's not a question of how far is too far. These predators lose their human rights as soon as they break into your house or attack you.
Quite. It would be very difficult to gauge a limit for necessary force if you are fighting for your life. The only real option is to not stop until your attacker is no longer a threat. This usually means unconsciousness, which is the only affective restraint.

Co-author of the book How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life, Mr Larkin is planning to enter the UK under a veil of secrecy, as he is refusing to specify the dates of his visit.
But some worried MPs are calling on Home Secretary Theresa May to examine his plans.

In a letter to the Home Secretary, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper wrote: 'Do you feel it is appropriate that we have someone flying in from the United States to teach British people how to kill and using the riots as a platform to do so?

I feel it's appropriate for someone who knows what they are talking about to come here and teach us how to defend ourselves from attackers, which is what he is going to do.

'I do not believe that a small army of vigilantes on our streets, seeking to use the techniques Mr Larkin is advertising, is the solution to rioting on our streets.
Again, not what he is proposing. He teaches people to look after themselves when attacked, using whatever force they have to, he doesn't teach people to go wandering the streets looking for a fight. That is the first principle of any self defence / protection system, you learn it so you never have to use it.

'This kind of inflammatory rhetoric has the potential to incite violence and make our streets more dangerous not less.
And that's what the left of British politics think of your right to defend yourself, your loved ones and your property. It's inflammatory rhetoric.

[Mr Larkin said].'There is no place in today's violent world for traditional self-defence techniques based on poncy dance moves.
'My TFT system has one aim and that is to counter any assault with a full-force attack calculated to injure, using any means possible, weapons included.'
I wouldn't say they are based on poncy dance moves but he is correct that they have little place in the modern pavement arena. Good for fitness though.

Mr Larkin's violent message has also met with disapproval from British self-defence expert Mark Lutman, of Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Probably because he called him a ponce.

A martial arts black belt, Mr Lutman said: 'The current UK legislation states that an individual may use reasonable force to defend themselves.
'If you are pushed, you may push back. If you are hit, you may hit back.
'However, if you are only being pushed, it's not reasonable to take out a kitchen knife and stab your attacker to death. People must always remember the word reasonable.
'If Tim Larkin is advocating "full-force attacks" he will find himself in big trouble - as will anyone following his advice.'

So will anyone totally misunderstanding his advice you mean. If you are hit you may hit back? Why wait. If you believe you are about to be hit and you can't avoid it, it is perfectly legal to hit first and stop your attacker.

A non ponce would do that.

Trooper Thompson sums up the attitude of the left very well:

They consider the disarmed victims of scumbag criminals to be a price worth paying to ensure that citizens can't defend their liberties against the biggest and most predatory criminal of all ...

the state itself.


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