Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

Well maybe a little bit. Apparently there is going to be a a protest in Blacburn on Wednesday. It's all the public sector workers who don't want any cuts to their pensions.

I commented on the article that I would like to go down and taunt them a bit but I will be working. I did actually ask my boss for the day off but someone else is off so no deal. I wanted to take an Old Holborn style banner.

Well my comment on the article started off quite an interesting debate between myself and a few public sector workers who think they provide essential services that I could never do without.

I've backed out of it now because I just wasn't getting my point across, as expected, and one of them had even started with the insults. 'Thicko the Goose', she called me :-) Charming. I'm toying with the idea of changing the blog title:

The Goose. Thinking outside the gaggle. What do you think?

This comment appeared after I left the arena but I'm not engaging anymore because it's just too tiring. It's beer time now.
"lives depend on the state" "existance maintained by sucking on the taxpayers nipple" oh you are on about the bankers then.Seriously, you are suffering from a serious case of brainwashing the majority of people could not afford the world you want where you have to pay for health, education and have no welfare state.people would starve and the streets would burn

That's how important the public sector imagine they are.

Aside from the debate, most of today was taken up working on the car again.

We were supposed to be raising the suspension as the previous owner has fitted adjustable dampers and dropped it quite a lot. We never got round to that though because we had to fix all the stuff that Mrs Bucko has broken over the past week.

First off, we had to order a new rocker cover gasket because stuff for Sierra's aren't stocked anymore, can't think why. It came on Monday, so Mrs Bucko fitted it in the dark while I made tea. Don't ask what's wrong with that statement because I don't know where to begin.

Because it was dark she managed to trap a bit of it outside the body allowing the oil to leak, and also strip one of the bolt seats so we couldn't get the thing back out again. I had to drill the bolt out in order to remove the cover and refit the gasket. It's a bit damaged by it's experience though, so I don't know if it will hold. If not it's another fifteen quid for another bit of rubber.

We were on Iceland car park on Tuesday when Mrs Bucko managed to park to close to the grass verge and got the bumper caught. When she reversed back, the whole thing came off.

After a bit of investigation today, I found that there are two bolts and two brackets to hold it on. They were all missing and the previous owner, for some reason, had just pushed it on. I had to fabricate something suitable to hold it on properly.

It wasn't easy because you have to remove the head lamps to get at the inner bolt holes

When I first started this blog it was supposed to be about politics and cars. Apart from a few pictures on the sidebar, I have hardly mentioned cars at all. This Sierra of Mrs Buckos though, is supposed to be a rolling restoration project. Maybe I can do a few reports on that as we go along.

I was hoping to restore a Jag XJS and give a complete step by step how to on the blog as I went along.

The Jag belongs to The Wasp, and he was willing to let me have it for nowt as it is slowly returning to nature. Unfortunately the body rot was too extensive for me to deal with. If it hadn't been for the cost of recovering it back to my house I would have had it anyway and given it a bloody good go. I was quite gutted having to turn down such a generous offer. It might be worth popping over to the Wasps if you like your music. Not right now though, I've not finished waffling and that would just be rude.

I haven't got any pictures of the Jag to show you because I lost them when I reinstalled my crappy laptop, which is a pity. It was a lovely car even though it's got big holes in it like the Flintstonesmobile.

I'm scrubbed up and having a beer now because we're going to a birthday party later on. Captain of Mrs Buckos pool team. They're a decent bunch so it should be a good night.

Have a good evening, and follow the advice of Ren and Stimpy, "Don't wizz on the electric fence".

You can go to the Wasps now. Off you pop.


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