More feminist entitlement. This time it's loans.

Women 'being let down by banks': Expectant and new mothers are denied loans, says report.

Banks are discriminating against women, particularly those who are pregnant or on maternity leave, according to a study.
What a strange thing for banks to do. Deny loans to people based solely on their sex. Surely banks need people to be taking out loans because that's one of the ways they make a lot of money. Denying yourself profit through blatant sexism is not good business practice.

I am of course assuming that these expectant and new mothers have their husbands signatures alongside their own on the loan applications, and as a couple they are able to easily make the repayments?

Or am I being naive there? In our modern times of entitlement, are women now demanding loans and mortgages, even if they may not be in a position to make repayments? Single men would not get such treatment. A pregnant woman or new mother would not be in a position to earn a great deal of money unless they were already in work and on maternity leave. Even then there is no guarantee they will return to work, considering all the free money they can get off the government.

Banks, unlike the government, assess the risks before giving a loan or mortgage. A single mother or pregnant woman is a much bigger risk than a single man or a couple. The bank could find that the new parent eventually chooses not to return to work and stops repaying the loan. There would be very little they could do about that.

Of course not all women will do this but it's like insurance. You weigh up the risks to make a choice.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has promised to investigate the claims that women are being denied mortgages and loans on the basis of their gender.
Really? And what will he conclude? Either women are not being denied mortgages based on gender or that women are not being given favourable treatment based on gender, which is what this is really about.

There have also been cases of banks insisting that pregnant women or new mothers wait until they return to work before being offered a loan.
Fair enough.
Women entrepreneurs are also suffering, with evidence that British female business owners can expect to pay 1 per cent higher interest on a loan than men.
Bank officials who decide on loans are said to treat women as inherently less able to understand how to set up and run a business.
*Giggle* Maybe there is a little truth in that. If I were to go into my thoughts I would have to write an entirely new post. Maybe I will, but not now.

Investigation: Lynne Featherstone will assess the extent of the problem and what action is needed to fix it
Another one? See how she says she will investigate the problem and look for further action rather than investigating if there actually is a problem. New legislation is obviously a given.
The British Bankers Association rejected the allegations, saying that having a baby ‘does not rule out a loan or a mortgage’.
A spokesman said: ‘We are deeply concerned that this unaudited paper, based on a small number of website postings, is being presented as actual evidence of systemic industry failure. Anyone who feels his or her bank has acted improperly should contact it directly.’

This is feminism we're talking about here. Real evidence is not needed. If you deny credit to a female for whatever reason, you are being sexist. Women want favourable treatment, and as long as the government need the feminist vote, they will get it.

Banks, you're about to be regulated.


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