Life expectancy. I expect fake charity trickery.

Europe surges ahead of UK on life expectancy because of our poor survival rates on cancer and obesity
Interesting. I wasn't aware that obesity was a disease that had a survival rate. "She had obesity last year, but since she went on a diet it's gone into remission".

Ok so joking aside, obesity in it's true sense, will affect life expectancy, as will cancer. To see what we're dealing with here, let's first define the term, 'surges ahead'.

Average Brit lives an extra 9.6 years than in 1960, says new report
But this is far less than the rise of 12 years seen in Italy and Spain
So 'surges ahead' means a Spaniards life expectancy has increased by 2.4 years more that a British person in the last fifty years. I probably would have used the term, 'slight increase' myself, but hey ho.
Life expectancy in Britain has increased at a slower rate than most of our European neighbours – thanks to our poor record on cancer survival and high levels of obesity.
Is it really down to cancer and obesity? How good would that be for the fake charities? It would have to mean lots more funding so they can carry on nannying and bullying. It sounds a bit too convenient to me though. How many factors must come together to determine a nations life expectancy?

Could it be that Spain and similar countries had a much lower life expectancy than Britain in the sixties, and they are now catching up due to better technology and less poverty?

The poverty of rural Spain led to a marked shift in population as hundreds of thousands of Spaniards moved out of the poor south and west in search of jobs and a better way of life. Between 1951 and 1981, more than 5 million Spaniards left Poor Spain, first for the prosperous economies of France and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), then for the expanding industrial regions of Spain itself. Nearly 40 percent, or 1.7 million, left Andalusia alone; another million left Castilla y Leon; and slightly fewer than 1 million left CastillaLa Mancha.
Poorer people will have a lower life expectancy than the more well off. When a countries poor people are leaving in droves for a better deal, the average life expectancy of those remaining will increase.

I suspect there is a lot more to these figures than the authors have used to form their conclusions; this sounds like another opportunity to spout off about obesity, smoking, alcohol and all those other pet hates that are not good for us.

‘The UK’s poor performance could also be down to the influence of alcohol and obesity kicking in.

There it is.

Consumption of alcohol has soared in Britain over the past few decades – at a time when it has plummeted in most of Europe;

And there's the lie.

This graph shows a decline in consumption from the eighties. After 98 the amounts level out to the present day.
An international report has found that despite the billions of pounds poured into the NHS by Labour, British patients have fared much worse than those across the Channel.
Then do what needs to be done. Disband the NHS and save us hard pressed taxpayers a bit of money


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