The European Convention on Human Rights and sloppy shit.

'Slopping out breached my human rights': Legally-aided child rapist demands thousands in damages for 'degrading' treatment in prison

Slopping out in jails is a breach of human rights akin to torture, a child rapist told the High Court yesterday.
Roger Gleaves said the practice should be banned because it was demeaning and deplorable.

The practice of slopping out – using a bucket as a toilet – was formally abolished in England in 1996. But a report by the National Council of Independent Monitoring Boards published in August 2010 revealed that ten prisons still occasionally use the system.

He is arguing that the practice should be banned under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights which prohibits torture. Along with another ex-Albany inmate, he is also arguing that the practice should be banned under Article 8 – the right to a private and family life.

You know what else is demeaning and deplorable? Raping children.

It really is time we made prisoners leave their human rights at the door, we've become far too soft on criminals.

Providing we are only jailing people who commit real crimes with actual victims, we need to make prison a place of punishment, not rest and relaxation. People need to leave prison at the end of their sentance, desperate to keep thier nose clean so they never have to go back.

And I have to ask, Article 8? How does slopping out your own shit deny your right to a family life? We also need to get rid of human rights lawyers.


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