Kids want protection from eeeeevil alcohol advertisers.

Stop the booze bombardment: Young people 'want protecting from alcohol advertising'

Children say there need to be limits to stop them 'succumbing to temptation'

Actually, no they don't. It's a misleading survey by Alcohol Concern.

Children feel bombarded by alcohol adverts and want tougher restrictions to prevent them from succumbing to temptation, research has found.
A survey of under-18s found that 60 per cent want alcohol adverts in the cinema to be limited to 18-certificate movies only.
A similar number - 58 per cent - said firms should be restricted to promoting drinks in adverts after the 9pm watershed only.
And 59 per cent want alcohol promotion limited to supermarkets and off-licences selling alcohol.

So half of the children surveyed are not bothered?

The other half have answered leading questions like, "Do you think X,Y,Z should happen?", in a manner they thought they should do.

You don't ban a legal product from being advertised to it's intended market, adults, just because some children may succumb to temptation.

Alcohol sales to under eighteens are illegal no matter how or when the product was advertised. Some people can get around this by getting others to buy it, going to a shop that doesn't mind breaking the law or convincing the seller in some way that they are old enough.

All these are criminal acts* and can be dealt with appropriately by the law and the parents. *(Others can buy booze for a child to drink at home)

Besides, where do under eighteens get their money? Usually from their parents. Children don't see an advert for Stella on the TV and decide to nip of to Sainsburys to get 24 cans for fifteen quid.

Even in the case of older children who have jobs, it's still the responsibility of the parents to monitor their children and make sure they are not breaking the law.

The survey of more than 2,300 people under the age of 18 by Alcohol Concern is said to be the largest study of what young people think about alcohol marketing.

A junk survey of 0.16 of the country's children by a single issue group with a set agenda tells us nothing about what young people think.
Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said the survey showed even young people believed they needed greater protection from the industry's advertisements.

The industry's adverts are there for the benefit of adults. Children do not need to be protected from them at the expense of adults. The only people who should be protecting children from what they believe is harmful is the parents.

We all know that protection of the kiddies is not the agenda of Alcohol Concern anyway. They are a public funded fake charity who will not stop until alcohol has been completely banned. As they know this will never (I hope) happen, they can keep sucking at the juicey nipple of the taxpayer for time immortal.
'If one of the aims of alcohol marketing regulations is to protect children and young people from exposure to advertising then government needs to ask itself whether the current framework is fit for purpose,' Mr Shenker said.

None of the aims of alcohol marketing regulations should be to protect children. Children are protected adequately by the existing framework of laws surrounding sales. The only aims of alcohol marketing regulation should be to ensure the product does exactly what it says on the tinny.

Alcohol Concern said the alcohol industry spent £800million on marketing in the UK each year.

Really? Well considering they are trying to sell a product, that's not unsurprising. I bet the tampon industry spend a similar amount on adverts showing women engaged in sporting activities with silly grins and a winged thing attached to their panties. I bet Clair Raynor didn't come cheap.

Alcohol Concern shifted 1.6 million of our money marketing this tripe according to this PDF of their year end accounts. I bet the tripe industry as a whole, including the likes of ASH and CASH spend more of our tax than most advertisers.

It also said 1.6million children aged four to 15 were exposed to alcohol adverts during an individual game of televised football at the last World Cup.

So? Did those children promptly go out and blow all their pocket money on White Lightening? No they didn't. Some will have thought, "Hmm, one day", more will have simply thought, "Meh?"
Unfortunately there will always be an audience of useful idiots who lap this stuff up:

Supermarkets still offer very cheap booze. These offers should be banned NOW. There should be curbs on Alcohol advertising like that on tobacco products NOW. The Government needs to act NOW Come on Dave and Nick, no more weasel words act NOW before we are flooded with Xmas adverts and special offers!!

- rosieinlondon, london uk, 20/10/2011 13:18

You should shut up, Rosieinlondon. Not later, NOW!

I want to be flooded with Xmas adverts for special offers because I want to spend as little as possible on the booze I intend to drink over Christmas the non secular winter holiday period. Taking those adverts away only serves to disadvantage myself and other adults.

It's not the evil drinks industry that we need protecting from, it's snivelling control freaks like you.