Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) night

I've been breaking down old pallets in the backyard for most of the day. I'm in the bath at the moment because I'm bloody knackered and I ache all over. I must be getting too old for manual labour.

I've done a great deal of chopping of firewood though, and we are now prepared for all the global warming the winter will inevitably bring. It only cost me a slapped thigh, a nail in my big toe and a black eye. I wasn't even having a beer! I am now though.

You can get some really good wood from old pallets. I've managed to salvage enough to do some decking in the summer; it's even treated against the weather.

I converted my attic using old pallets, did I tell you?

There is even some old pallet in my new kitchen. See, I can be green and recycle.

We have to go to a crappy really good Halloween party at my sisters later on. It's fancy dress obviously, so I may go as a dead Libertarian blogger who's been killed to death by rampaging collectivists. Or a ghost.

The bathwater is cold now so I'm going to go for another beer.

Enjoy your crappy Halloween parties, one and all, for tomorrow is another day.


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