Mystic Bucko predicts

Although psychic powers are not really required to see our future.

On Monday, MP's get to vote on weather the public gets to vote on our continued membership of the European Union. It is vital that Britain leave the union and coexist with Europe as a trading partner only. No harm will come of this as Europe will still want to trade with Britain after we have left.

The benefits of leaving are immeasurable. European laws are crippling British business and the cost of membership alone runs into the multi billions.

Unfortunately this will not happen. MP's will vote against a referendum on Monday and the British people will not get their say.

The campaign for a referendum will continue but it's voice will get much quieter over the coming years.

In the meantime, Britain will loose more powers and greater sovereignty to Europe while all the time, David Cameron shouts that no more powers will be given up without a public vote, and they are renegotiating our position in Europe and actually taking powers back.

The coalition government will complete it's parliamentary term, hated more and more by all but still clinging to power.

They will be hated by the left as prices continue to rise and less electronic gadgetry and designer clothes can be afforded. They will be hated by people like myself and my reader because we are being continually squeezed to pay for all this stuff and many of the things we enjoy will have been taxed beyond affordability or banned outright.

By the time the next general election comes round the following will be happening.

Supermarkets will have been banned from giving out free carrier bags. Sales of bin liners will have trebled.

Cigarette and alcohol tax will have doubled from current levels. UKBA will have lost the war against tobacco smuggling as they will be unable to keep up with the massive increases and the growing ingenuity of the smugglers.
Cases of people being poisoned by counterfeit alcohol will be in the papers daily. Hospital admissions for alcohol related illness will be higher than ever before because quality cannot be regulated on illegally brewed spirits.

Many outdoor areas have become smokefree, despite the tireless efforts of Dick Puddlecote and a rag tag band of outlaws.

A fat tax has been applied to many everyday foods.

The NHS will no longer treat alcohol and tobacco related illnesses. All forms of cancer apart from breast cancer will be treated as smoking related and sufferers will be charged for treatment. The NHS will be at the point of bankruptcy, not because of smokers and drinkers whose taxes are the highest in the world, but because of the unceasing demands of a generation who no longer know how to take care of themselves and are accustomed to the state doing everything for them. This will be made much worse by the huge numbers of health tourists coming from across Europe and Asia.

Amid fears of a Greek default which has the potential to break up the Eurozone, all inter-European debts have been cancelled, vast amounts of Euros have been printed and the Euro has been revalued. Britain retains the pound but that has also been revalued to keep it in line with the Euro.

Turkey's application to join the EU was accepted just before the revaluation of the currency, and rather than finding the economic prosperity they were hoping for, their economy is now in serious turmoil.

During the confusion they took back back the Greek owned half of Cyprus with little opposition. Europe did not intervene and the action went widely unreported in the media. The many British people who bought property in Cyprus have been repatriated to England.

Widespread rioting is happening across Britain. The rioters are demanding more state intervention, higher taxing of the rich and a bigger welfare state. The Libertarians remain silent.

And the results of the general election are now in.

The Liberal Democrats received almost none of the votes and are now relegated to an 'also ran' status.

UKIP received their largest vote ever and are now in opposition, although with a large minority.

Conservatives are now where the Lib Dems used to be, licking their wounds and vowing to be back in fifty years or so.

Labour achieved power with a massive majority in a landslide victory.

Since Labour came back to power:

Smoking is banned in all outdoor areas, private cars and homes with children or pets. Penalties for contravening the smoking laws are higher than burglary or assault. ASH say more needs to be done.

All firearms have been banned. All bladed weapons have been banned, although you can still purchase kitchen equipment with a licence.
An attempt was made to ban baseball bats, but there was a backlash as people argued that they are items of sporting equipment and are used by sports enthusiasts. In response, all sporting equipment is now regulated and can only be purchased from a licenced outlet with proof of membership of a sporting club.

Violent crime is at an all time high and some areas of London are no go areas, even to the police. In response to public demand there are now many more police and PCSOs on the streets in many towns than ever before. Being heavily target driven, they persecute members of the public for the tiniest infractions while ignoring violent crime and theft for reasons of health and safety. It is now illegal to use any kind of force to resist a criminal, you must call the police and wait.

The 50p tax rate has been increased to 70p, bankers bonuses have been outlawed, the minimum wage is £15.76 per hour and there is also a maximum wage. There has been a second and third bank bailout, and Oslo is now the financial capital of the world.

Council tax still exists, although there is now a second property tax based on the number of occupants and bedrooms. Inspectors have the right to enter your home to see if you have declared all the unused rooms. They can also check for evidence of smoking. The tax on unused rooms does not apply to Crown property or to MP's second homes as they need these for their work.

The fat tax, found not to be working because fat people have switched to eating a lot of untaxable foods, has been replaced with standard VAT on all foods. VAT is now 27.5%.

Rioting has become more widespread as the cost of living increases beyond the means of the average person and everybody is being more affected by violent crime. The rioters call for more state intervention and more items that can be used as weapons to be regulated or banned.

Labour managed to see out a full term of office and get voted in for a second. Only 13% of the population voted in this election and many say that no party has the right to rule under these circumstances.

Two weeks after the election, the rioting turns into an open rebellion. Parliament is overthrown and many MP's are hung from the local lampposts. The military sees which way the wind is blowing and joins the rebellion.

In the coming weeks, the last remaining rich people have their assets confiscated and are made to join the MP's, dancing on a rope. Occupy LSX has now become occupy Britain.

In the years to come, Britain, along with most of Europe enters a dark period of ropey communism. A period that will continue into the foreseeable future.

All the while, Russia and the surrounding ex-communist countries are enjoying a period of unprecedented freedom and prosperity. In a fit of blind suspicion the western world throws up an iron curtain.

And so history is doomed to repeat itself.....


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