It's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six

It seems to be the week for Englishmen defending their castles.

Vincent Cooke has fortunately been released without charge for stabbing a burglar to death with his own knife. Although a good result, arresting this man on suspicion of murder was way over the top. After suffering a raid on you own home and being forced to take a human life in self defence, the last thing you will need is a murder conviction and possible life sentence hanging over your head.

Yesterday Mr Cooke, the boss of a courier firm, spoke of his relief that he would not face prosecution but said the incident had left him traumatised.

He said: 'I'm still suffering flashbacks and having nightmares every night. I will never forget the day that I had to fight for my life.

Cecil Foley, a 72 year old shop owner was also released without charge after stabbing to death a burglar who broke into his shop earlier this year.

It sends a message that people who attack you on your property will have no protection under the law if you act with deadly force in defence. If also sends the unfortunate message that the police will do their best to have you up on charges for doing so.

We are all to aware that in these target driven times, the police will go all out on the easy marks while holding back on those who may give them a problem. Not only does the law on self defence need to change, but so does the target driven culture of the modern police. The police need to be firmly on the side of the householder. A person must be allowed to use any force they deem necessary to defend their home without having to justify the force used. The police must not arrest a homeowner until after a full investigation has been done.

Just this week, another man, Malcolm White, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after shooting a burglar in the leg. The fact that this man was armed with a shotgun and all he did was give the guy a non life threatening flesh wound to the leg, tells me that he was specifically attempting not to commit murder.

The fact that the police found a number of cannabis plants in his garage after the arrest should have no relevance, although it is working well to colour this story against him.

I wait with anticipation to see if if is eventually charged and tried on suspicion of murder, although he will undoubtedly be in trouble for the drugs they found.

It's not all working out well though. In our culture of not allowing citizens to own guns, most people are always defenceless. You can pick up a household item to use in a situation, but objects like kitchen knives are very close quarters weapons. You have to get up close and personal with your attacker, putting yourself in grave danger in the process. A handgun is a brilliant equaliser in a life threatening situation but we are not allowed to own them because, well, guns kill. And we can't be trusted with them.

I wonder what would have happened to this man had our restrictive gun laws been different?

A gang of hooded robbers stabbed a defenceless shopkeeper to death as he tried to protect his family business armed with only a baseball bat, a court has heard.

Armed with only a baseball bat. Why? Because his government has disarmed him. For his own protection apparently.

He said that the married father-of-four, was 'defenceless' and 'literally running away for his life'.

But he couldn't run fast enough and now he is dead and his four children have lost their father.

The police could not have helped him. Even if the police were routinely armed as some people advocate, there would have been no armed officer in is shop. Supposing he was able to get a call off to the police, nobody would have turned up in time to help him. The only person who could have defended Suppiah Tharmaseelan was Suppiah Tharmaseelan and what did he have? A bat.

My thoughts go out to his family as I make this appeal to our powers that be. Give us back the right to defend our lives and our property. You can't do it for us, only we can. Allow us the tools necessary.


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