Incorrect headline of the day. *Now corrected*

£1.5m project to support increase in middle class victims of domestic violence

From Lancashire Telegraph

1.5m quid to have more middle class women beaten up? I like it.

Unfortunately there is no humor in the reality:

The Domestic Abuse Service is the first of its kind in the country and will give every victim a personal support worker.

Victims of domestic abuse do not need personal support workers funded by 1.5m of taxpayers money. They need to get the hell out of their abusive relationship the first time abuse happens and they need to stay out.

The police will assist you if you are assaulted by your partner. That's when you leave. There are charities who will help you find your feet once you have left your partner, if you so need it.

The only thing that one on one support workers can do is assist people who have chosen to stay with an abusive partner regardless of the risks. Fair enough, it's your life if you want to waste it, but let's not waste taxpayers money on people who have made that choice.

The LET have changed the head line to:
"New £1.5m scheme to tackle domestic violence in Blackburn with Darwen" and they've deleted my comment. Not one word of thanks! Ungrateful bastards.


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