Bad scientists and lazy reporters want you to work more

Forget holidays, too much time off is stressful, claim scientists

Although the report may be useless junk and not worthy of the term science, the authors claim nothing of the sort. What the do claim is that teenagers get bored. Not quite worthy of a Nobel prize is it? Neither is the ability of the Daily Mail reporter who tried and failed to put that conclusion into coherent words.

Between family commitments and the pressures of work, few of us feel we get enough 'me' time.
But according to researchers, there is one thing that matches the stress of not having enough free time: having too much.
Experts from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and Baylor University in Texas asked 1,329 teenagers how much spare time they had, and how happy they were.Those who thought they had little free time were often miserable – but teens with plenty of time to themselves soon run out of things to do.

So the reporter talks about work and family commitments when the 'research' is all about teenagers.

Teenagers who have plenty of time on their hands soon run out of things to do? Wow, what a revelation. How the DM got from this to "Forget holidays, too much time off is stressful", is beyond me.

Teenagers have plenty of electronic gadgets to be faffing about with if they are bored. They even have a bunch of tax payer funded youth clubs they can go and wreck.

Their boredom or lack thereof bears no relevance to my work and family life, or my once yearly holiday in the sun.

‘What is more desirable: too little or too much spare time on your hands?

To be happy, somewhere in the middle,' the researchers said.

Well fucking duh! After reading that tosh I need a beer, but I won't have any spare time until 5 o'clock.