Equality laws. Helping ugly people get jobs since 1862

Here's another case of "It's not my fault, It's everyone else's" spotted during my daily dose of the Underdog.

Didn't get the job? Blame 'lookism', as discrimination against the ugly 'is the new racism'

Some might consider it an ugly truth that attractive people are often more successful than those less blessed with looks.
But now our appearance is emerging in legal disputes as a new kind of discrimination.
‘Lookism’, it is claimed, is the new racism, and should be banished from civilised societies.

It's a never ending quest. The desire to find external reasons why people fail so they they don't have to look into themselves and take responsibility for their own inadequacies.

We've had racism, sexism and ageism. As we create more and more laws, and people continue to fail at their own life expectations, we continue to look for new and imaginative ways to blame others.

Why didn't I get the job? I'm not black, old, female or a lezzer so it must be down to my looks. Nothing to do with being an illiterate moron, educated in a socialist system of illiterate morons.

Economist Daniel Hamermesh argues that ugliness is no different from race or a disability, and suggests unattractive people deserve legal protection.

Of course. Munters with a face like a welders bench deserve equal treatment too. So how would this legal protection happen?

If laws protecting ugly heifers go down the same ridiculous path as all the other, so called, equality laws, I foresee a future where all job interviews need to be held down the pub on a Friday night after a few scoops.

Bosses across the country will be waking up in the morning and finding out that they have employed a fat lass.

Businesses will be dreading the Human Resources office party. There will be another five mingers working in the typing pool the next day.

The Daily Mail story is accompanied by this picture:

With the following tag line:

Successful: Cheryl Cole is both attractive and a high achiever

Here's another high achiever:

Attractive? I think not. Think of Anne Widdicome, Mick Jagger, Douglas Hurd, Sara Jessica-Parker.... Actually, no don't, you'll have nightmares. But the point is, having a face like a dockers boot is no barrier to success.

Sure there are some careers where ugly people will not fit the bill. The obvious is swimsuit model....

...but think about jobs in customer service for example. I've seen a lot of ugly barstaff in my time, but landlords tend to make sure they aren't so repulsive that they turn the beer.

Sales people also seem to have avoided a collision with the ugly tree. If you employ somebody to sell your product face to face, you want to be sure that face is in some way pleasing to the eye.

I hope we don't see a demand for sales staff to be a least fifty percent ugly. Or half of bar birds to be repulsive enough to flatten a pint of best bitter at forty yards.

There's equality and anti-discrimination and there's just plain silliness.

If you're not doing as well as you had hoped, have a look at yourself for the answers. It's not race, colour, sex, age or aesthetics. It's education, literacy, experience, ability, dedication and job suitability.

Let's not have any more equality laws please. They don't do anyone any good.


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