Available for comment. And it's a good one.

JLS Johnnies cause red faced rumpus

A MUM has spoken of her outrage after her nine-year-old daughter grabbed a packet of condoms in a Gorleston store because they were endorsed by boy band, JLS.

Sarah Crow is outraged after her 9 year old daughter picked-up a packet of Condoms because they had pictures of JLS singers on the front.Sarah Crow described how her daughter’s love of JLS singer Aston Merrygold led her to pick up the contraceptives, which are branded with pictures of the group who found fame on the X Factor.
OUTRAGED I tell thee. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the newspapers themselves that over use this word in order to beef up mediocre stories. Do mums really describe mild embarrassment with the term 'outrage'? Well, that's possible too.

And when someone goes to the papers with the oh so typical outrage, there is usually an oh so typical response. It often involves the accused apologising, conducting an investigation, offering vouchers or some such.

The first instance I saw of someone resisting the urge to cowtow, and instead telling the outraged muppet where to get off was a couple of weeks ago when David Copp complained about the smell of fish in a harbour.

The harbour master said:

"I told this chap that you shouldn't take your children to a harbour if that is how they react to dead fish."

Well the newspapers contacted the PR firm responsible for the JLS johnnies. They were available for comment, and this was it:

A spokesperson for Momentum PR, which deals with regional press inquiries for JLS, said they didn’t see how Mrs Crow’s concerns warranted a story.

Love it. It's about time we started standing up to these ridiculous people with their indignation and outrage.

Mrs Crow, who works in customer services, welcomes the positive message of safe sex, but questions
the decision to use a group which appeals to youngsters between five and 12.

“My little one absolutely loves JLS and Aston is her favourite.

I'm sure JLS do not target 5 to 12 year olds as their intended audience. I'm sure JLS are not really suitable for nine year old like this womans kid, and maybe parents should use a little more discretion when deciding what their children view and listen to.

“I think they should take JLS off the packaging and I would like to see them higher on the shop shelf so children can’t pick them up so easily.”

I think you should teach your brat to keep her hands to herself.

JLS teamed up with condom manufacturers Durex to release the ‘Just Love Safe’ condoms in support of the JLS Charitable Foundation, which aims to promote sexual health in Britain. Each packet features a member of JLS with their own individual 

And here it is once again:

A spokesperson for Momentum PR, which deals with regional press inquiries for JLS, said they didn’t see how Mrs Crow’s concerns warranted a story.

Meanwhile, Mrs Crow said she felt patronised by staff at the Superdrug store in Gorleston when she outlined her concerns about the condoms.

Did you 'feel patronised' because the staff didn't instantly bow to your demands? You poor dear.