New 'Take 7 Steps Out' Blog with no kangaroos

Smokefree Northwest have a new blog. Take 7 Steps Out incorporating Chemical Soup.

I'm sure we're all aware of the Take 7 steps out campaign, and it's aim to drive smokers out of their own homes, presumably to be backed up by legislation one day.

Well they have a new angle now. Teaching children about the chemicals in cigarette smoke.

The Take 7 Steps Out team is pleased to announce that it’s teamed up with children’s charity Barnardo’s to launch Chemical Soup!

Together we’ll be cooking up a ‘Chemical Soup’ in a fun and visual way in children’s and community centres across the North West to highlight the 4000 chemicals in secondhand smoke.

The Chemical Soup kit comes complete with cooking pot and fake hazardous liquids, (Fake coughs? Ed.)which will help to show parents some of the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke – such as arsenic, polomium and ammonia. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, and 60 are known to cause cancer as well as avoidable childhood illnesses.

Our launch took place at Hollinwood Children’s Centre in Oldham last week and attracted lots of local people all eager to find out more about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

To find out what Chemical Soup is all about click here for a sneak preview

Typical taxpayer funded righteous nonsense. You burn a leaf, you get a lot of chemicals. I'm off over there right now to find out more about the dangers of second hand smoke. Join me?

*UPDATE* I've been over there to comment but they're on full moderation. I wonder if mine will get printed?


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