Guido Blogger and the Deathly Gallows

It seems I was a bit early to the death penalty party with my post last Saturday.

I'd just read Guidos first post (I'm not trawling back looking for a link) on the upcoming e-petition for the return of the death penalty and I followed the link to the story in The Sun.

There wasn't much talk on the blogs at the time, but this past week, things have heated up a bit. Guido is described in the media as a 'right wing blogger'. It's been good to see that all the 'libertarian bloggers' have come out in opposition to this nonsense.

The Snowolf disagrees. The Hempen Rope.
Longrider disagrees. Thank goodness for that
Captain Ranty disagrees. No noose is good noose
Leg Iron disagrees. Scythe time
The Angry Exile disagrees. Hanging together
Among many others 

I would say the science is settled :-)

There was another story in the Sun today. (I didn't buy it, someone left it in the canteen at work. Honest) It's here.

MPs could soon be voting on the reintroduction of the death penalty.
A new Government initiative means online e-petitions receiving more than 100,000 signatures must be considered for a Commons debate.
More than 40 of the first 200 internet petitions called for the return of the death penalty.

Many people have said, the government may be forced to debate the death penalty in parliament and if they ignore public opinion it's an affront to democracy.

They ignored public opinion about the smoking ban and identity cards and immigration and benefits for all and the European union, why not ignore public opinion on this?

Maybe I hope they will debate it. Chances are they will reject the idea outright, once and for all. Hopefully.

That's what I think will happen. I don't think the country really is ready for the death penalty again, but governments rely on the people to demand they have extra powers. Do they want the power to kill their own citizens in the name of justice? of course they do. But the people must ask for it first. The kind of media hype that will be behind this will get the sheep clamouring to bring back hanging. That's just because they have been whipped up into a frenzy and they believe it will never happen to them.

Lets hear from the victims:


Says Linda Bowman, mum of murdered Sally Anne

I'M pleased this petition could force a debate in Parliament - and for me that can't come too soon.

Lots of families who've suffered the murder of a loved one go out into the community, give talks and do some really good work, but at the end of the day the death penalty is the only deterrent that is going to work.

No it isn't. The death penalty hasn't deterred crime in the past and it won't do now.
People who commit a crime do it because they think they have planned it so well they won't get caught, or they are acting in desperation/passion and haven't considered the consequences.


Says Barry Mizen, dad of murdered Jimmy

I AM against capital punishment. I think it is unequivocally wrong.

Before Jimmy, 16, was murdered I would have qualified my view by saying you can never be sure it's the right person.

Now I've lost a child I have the confidence to oppose a practice that simply isn't right.

You can never be sure it's the right person. If you are going to take someones life, you must be sure. Just one innocent person being executed is wrong in so many ways, the chance can never be allowed.

Mistakes happen. They have happened throughout history, and if we bring this back, they will happen again.

You can release an innocent person from prison but you can't release them from death.

There is also the problem of the slippery slope. The current proposal is to execute child killers and cop killers. It won't be long before a whole list of other criminals will be added to this list by pressure of 'public opinion'.

Lets hear from the commenters:

hang them all /the killers /the drug dealers and anyone who robs from anyone .the world would be a safer place and you would be happy to walk the streets again at night

This is a frightened man. The issue of drugs is one for another day, but he also wants thieves to be hanged.This man would be happy to walk the streets again because he doesn't beleive he will ever be wrongfully arrested. In his Draconian 'utopia', the authorities would be more dangerours than anyone he might meet walking the streets.

We will have to see how this plays out. I know one thing, the government want it, the sheep want it, lets hope common sense prevails.


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