You can strike if you want to.

Vince Cable to warn GMB against co-ordinated strikes

Business secretary Vince Cable is to warn delegates at the GMB union's conference that co-ordinated strike action may lead to tougher union laws.
Union leaders have warned that there could be strike action taken by 750,000 public sector workers on 30 June.

So as we face huge strike action from the public sector, Vince Cable proposes taking power away from the unions through further legislation.

I would propose a much simpler and much more effective solution. Tell the public sector, "Strike if you want to. Any of you who are not missed will find your positions terminated".

GMB general secretary Paul Kenny told the BBC [...]

"I don't think that any strike in this country could inflict the sort of economic damage on our country that the banks and finance houses and frankly current government policy have done," he said.

I don't think they will inflict much damage either. Most of the people who will be out on strike, do nowt anyway.

"It's funny how ministers encourage strikes in Egypt and places like that, but they want to ban them in Britain."

Interesting. In 'Egypt and places like that', the action was against a totalitarian government that they wanted out, to be replaced by democracy.

Your strike action is for the right to be given a living from other peoples money.

Not quite as moral a standpoint is it.

Bring on the strikes.