Horses for muggers

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A TEENAGE girl accused of a series of knifepoint robberies on schoolboys is being sent on a live-in three-month horse riding course at taxpayers' expense.

This story has really been boiling a lot of peoples piss at my works today. This teenage mugger who has breached her bail conditions is being sent to a very expensive riding school on the taxpayers dime in an effort to put her back on the straight and narrow.

One of my workmates has a young daughter and she was telling me how much the kid loves horses and how they used to take her riding as often as possible.

For someone who lives in the same, down trodden area that this teenage tearaway comes from, buying riding lessons for her daughter was something she always struggled to do as it's so expensive. These days she can't afford to do it at all, although after reading this article in the Telegraph, she was joking about telling her kid to go and stab someone so she could get free lessons at an exclusive school aswell.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, was arrested after detectives were called to a number of incidents close to St Wilfrid’s High School, Duckworth Street.
At Blackburn Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, she was brought from custody after breaching her bail conditions for a third time.
But the court was told she will only be in Blackburn for a few more days before travelling to the Northern Racing College in Doncaster for a course paid for by the Youth Offending Team.

The Blackburn with Darwen YOT are a group of hideous cretins who pander to the whims of tearaway children by spending huge wads of taxpayers cash.

They were given an award for some rubbish in 2009. Some of their bleeding heart reasons for receiving this award were:
make young people feel more comfortable by adding artwork to buildings and providing soft drinks instead of tea and coffee.

asking young offenders to sit on interview panels

I seriously hope the cuts bite deep for these wastes of skin.

Yesterday community leaders said the move was ‘ridiculous’, sent out the ‘wrong message’ and well behaved young people would have jumped at the opportunity.

Precisely. Good behaviour should be rewarded, not bad. People who break the law should be punished by the law, not rewarded by it. We are letting young criminals know that not only will their behaviour be tolerated but it will earn them things that they would other wise not get without a lot of had work.

IE. Crime pays.

On the opposite hand, we are telling well behaved children that they maybe should re-think their behaviour and turn to crime, as an easy option, themselves.
Peter King, defending, said that while his client had breached her bail there was no suggestion she had committed any further offences.

I thought breaching bail was an offence?

He said the horse racing course was something she “really wants to happen”.

I'm sure it is. I'm also sure many other young people really want this to happen for themselves too. Who gets the opportunity? The knife wielding mugger.
“Its going to be life changing for her and she wants to change her life,” said Mr King.
“Some attendees go on to be jockeys and some to be stable lads.

She doesn't deserve this opportunity. If she wants to change her life then she should first be punished for her crimes and then strive herself to turn her life around.

"That is the plan for my client, supported by the Youth Offending Team and funded by them.”

Supported by the YOT maybe. Funded by you and me

The girl has breached her 9pm-7am curfew three times. She is due before Preston Crown Court next month.
She is jointly charged with two other men with four counts of robbery, attempted robbery, receiving stolen goods and having a bladed article in Hancock Street, Blackburn, on February 28.
The robbers made off with £1 and a school blazer in one incident and a Blackberry smartphone in another.

The £300 residential 12-week course involves yard duties, looking after racehorses, riding out, attending lectures and studying for qualifications. All meals and accommodation are provided.

I can't really find the words to express my utter contempt for people who can justify giving this amazing opportunity, paid for by us, to this criminal girl, when other young people who have never broken the law may also never have the chance to do something like this.

But here it is, the weasel worded 'justification'. May as well get your bingo cards out since you're here.
But Coun Maureen Bateson, executive member for children's services, said: “The council's Youth Offending Team works with key partners to try and turn around the lives of our young people who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law for whatever reason.

"This involves engaging with young people to find activities which interest them in an effort to put them on the right track.

How do you 'find yourself' on the wrong side of the law? These children are totally blameless in the eyes of this lefty nitwit. It is not the business of the public sector to be 'engaging with' young people or finding them fun things to do. That is the responsibility of the parents.

If the child then chooses to break the law they should be punished by the police and courts.


She said funding for the course would come from the Government.

Bollocks. It comes out of our back sacks.


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