Won't somebody pleeease think of the cost!

Some bloggers have noticed a shift in sentiment among the righteous of late.

We are hearing more and more about "The Cost". The financial implications of policies, actions, lifestyles etc.

Leg Iron did a good post about the cost of the war in Lybia. The cost reported in the MSM is not the cost to human life as a result of dropping a lot of bombs on people, but the cost of making all those bombs we are dropping.

If you are part of a de-normalaised group, your life has lost all importance. You are simply a cost. A price tag to be reduced by any means necessary.

People killed by bombs in a foriegn country are not dead human beings, they are are cost per pound of ordanace that it took to kill them

Fat people are not human beings who enjoy pies, they are a cost to the NHS. Never mind the national insurance they pay all their lives, they cost the NHS money and that cannot be allowed.

Smokers and drinkers are not pepople who enjoy partaking in legal products, they also cost the NHS money. We must de-normailse them, persecute them, hate them and make them stop because they cost money. Never mind the extortionately high taxes these people pay for the legal products they consume, we must focus only on the cost, no matter the harm or the hurt.

And now we have another cost. In this supposedly free and democratic country in which we live, we now have the high cost to protest.

2000 EDL demonstrators and 500 counter demonstrators visited Blackburn to exercise their free and democratic right to protest about certain issues that are getting right on thier tits.

What do the MSM tell us to focus on? It cost the police* £500,000. The Cost.

Policing demonstrations by the English Defence (EDL) and opposing groups in Blackburn could cost about £500,000, it has been estimated.

The estimated cost, by Lancashire Police Authority, is something the force can "ill afford", its chairman said.

At a time of austerity, to boot!

What about the cost to liberty that we are all paying after 13 years of socialist claptrap? Can we not focus on that cost for a while?

*The cost of policing this demo was largly the police's own fault. They did not need to send 0.95 police officers for every 1 demonstrator.


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