A councillor branded people protesting against cuts at a Hull City Council meeting "retards" in a rant on Twitter.

Good man! I couldn't agree with you more. I bet the retards weren't happy though.

Mr Fareham, who has since apologised, has been criticised by Mencap.

Unison has demanded action is taken over his "disgraceful behaviour".

Indeed. One group of rent seekers accepting offence on behalf of others and a trade union. Could this response have been any more predictable?

So if Mencap got snooty about it, why? Were actual handicapped people, the brunt of this tweet?
Unison regional organiser Steve Torrance said several people with physical and learning disabilities were in the public gallery at the time.

Really? What diverse times we live in. I must go and celebrate it. So if it wasn't the Hull tourettes society in the gallery, what had they done to annoy him?

Plans approved at the meeting, which was delayed due to hecklers, included the axing of 1,400 jobs and cuts to day care centres, leisure centres and highway budgets.
The Bricknell councillor said the comment was "misguided", and added in a further Twitter post that it came after he was "abused for hours, returned home to excrement in house and saw intimidation".


This was the offending tweet:
"15 hours in council today very hard hitting day and the usual collection of retards in the public gallery spoiling it for real people."

I assume he's been forced to apologise?
A Mencap spokesman said: "Councillor Fareham has now apologised for using that language, both on Twitter and to Mencap.

Of course. I'm sure he meant every word of it.

"We campaign about the use of language offensive to people with a learning disability because we believe that it contributes to a culture where harassment and bullying of people with a learning disability is all too common."



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