The slippery slope towards gun control in Switzerland.

The Swiss people have rejected proposals for tighter gun control in a referendum on the issue.

At least they were given a say on the subject and allowed to make their own choice, however this is probably the beginning of a slippery slope that will eventually lead to the Swiss people being disarmed by the state.

Twenty of the 26 cantons and 56.3% of voters rejected the plan, meaning the current system allowing army-issue weapons to be kept at home will remain.

Only 56.3% of the voters rejected the idea. As we know, democracy favours the rule of the majority. The righteous only have a short way to go before the vote turns in their favour.

A study by criminologist Martin Killias reveals that in Switzerland, every year roughly 300 cases of death are related to military weapons, whether from homicide or suicide.

I wonder what other objects cause 300 or more deaths per year. Kitchen knives? Cars? Step ladders? The gun control nut is not interested in saving lives. If they were, they would pick something that kills a lot more than 300 people per year.

What they care about, just like the anti smoking and anti alcohol lobbies is control. That and funding.

Entitled "Protection against Gun Violence," the initiative was designed to replace the current licensing and gun-controlling system with more restrictive measures.

The initiative also requires citizens to "justify a need and have the capacity" to possess a weapon.

"Protection against gun violence" does not come by disarming the citizen. That puts them in further danger of gun violence. An armed criminal no longer has to worry that his victim may shoot back.

And no people anywhere should be made to "justify a need" to own an object, to the state.

The result is a blow to gun-control groups in Switzerland, but supporters of the initiative said they had at least started a debate.

And there it is, the tip of the iceberg that will eventually sink the right to bear arms in Switzerland.

They haven't conceded defeat, but started a debate. A debate that will continue until they have their own way.

We achieved a great deal by launching the initiative... There is a growing awareness of the risks of firearms,"

It's not the firearm that poses a risk, it's the person standing behind it. Shooting someone is illegal already. If you take away the peoples guns, firearms in the hands of criminals will become more risky as citizens are unable to defend themselves, and any criminals that can't get hold of guns will simply turn to knives and bats.

The proposal to end that custom was backed by a coalition of doctors, women's groups and police associations.

Although Switzerland's overall crime rate is low by European standards, the country has the highest rate of gun suicide in Europe.

So Switzerland has a low crime rate but you want to bring in a proposal that will undoubtedly increase crime, as the criminals get a free run amonst a disarmed populace. And police associations are on board with this? I wonder if they have an ulterior motive.

The proposal's backers had argued that keeping soldiers' firearms locked up in armouries would reduce the suicide rate
This proposal will have no effect the the suicide rate, they must be able to see that. If someone is so desperate that they want to end their own life, they will do it with or without a gun.

If they eventually ban guns altogether and no body uses a gun to kill themselves, ever, the suicide rate will still remain the same.

Instead, people will be gassing themselves in their cars. It's quite painless apparently.

What then? Will the "women's groups" ban cars?

I have a more productive suggestion for the Swiss Women's Groups:


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