Friday night Moose music. One hit wonders.

I have a large collection of 7" vinyls. Most of them are from the 80's and 90's and a good deal of them qualify as one hit wonders.

My first choice isn't really a "one hit" wonder as they had three charting hits in the UK.

Simon Toulson-Clark who founded the band had his finger in many musical pies for many years. Red box were popular for this tune, along with For America and Heart of the Sun, which reached number one.

This group also had three charting hits in the UK. Apart from this offering which reached number one, Call Me reached number 2 and The King of Wishful thinking made it number 4.

We Close Our Eyes is my personal favourite.

I bought this one for about 50p on a record stall on Darwen market. I believe that stall still exists in some form.

Clark Datchlers' Johnny Hates Jazz did manage a further three charting hits. Shattered Dreams was the most popular, followed by I Don't Want To Be A Hero and Turn Back The Clock.


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