Council fail to consult before deciding anyway, shocker.

Sorry to keep quoting stuff out of the Lancashire Telegraph but they just seem to keep banging them out at the moment.
A COUNCIL did not consult volunteers before cutting funding for community centres, a watchdog has found.

Blackburn with Darwen Council has been rapped by the Local Government Ombudsman for what the council leader said was a ‘miserable failure’ to liaise with community associations before the controversial measure, which sparked protests last year.

We all know how council "consultations" go:

Are you in favour of this next bit of cockwaffle we want?

No. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. yes please (what was the question?) no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. etc

So we're all in agreement then? Let's go ahead.
The town hall is stopping paying for the borough’s community centres, used by local groups to host activities from tea dances to taekwondo, as it looks to make £28million in budget cuts.

This is the bit that I can never comprehend. I've attended lots of martial arts courses, used badminton courts, gyms etc, in places like this. I always paid for them, as did the other users. If enough people are interested in a service, it will get paid for without tax money.

I still play badminton now, only these days it's free so it's bloody difficult to book a court. I use the word free very loosely there, someone always pays.

Centres like this don't need to close if the funding stops, they just need to be run like businesses again.

I sure there are plenty people out the ready to say, "But some poor people can't afford to pay for a badminton court (etc) so it isn't fair". Let me put that one to bed right now.

Point 1) If you can't afford a court, that isn't my fault. I shouldn't be made to pay for activities you can't afford. Right now, when I use a court, instead of me paying for it, everyone in the borough is chipping in. I define that as being unfair.

Point 2) Why can't you afford three quid for a court? I am on a low wage (through my own life choices) but I have no children and I spend very little money. I have an old telly, games console and furniture etc. I spend my money wisely. There are people on disability allowance that get more money than me.
What do you spend yours on and why can't you pay for the activities you want to do.

Point 3) Life is not fair. Life will never be fair. Life should not be fair.

It will now be up to all 64 councillors to approve the drastic measures at the annual budget meeting next month.

64 councillors. Phew! There's a big saving if ever I saw one.
The total number of staff that have been told their jobs are ‘at risk’ is now more than 1,900, it was revealed.

Do you know why they have told 1900 people that their jobs are at risk rather than keeping quiet and then laying them off when the time comes, so they are not spending months worrying about an uncertain future?

It's so they can come back to them in a few months and say, "Your jobs are safe. It took a lot of effort but we have managed to prevent your redundancies -

How good are we?"

In other local cuts news, Liberal Democrats have once again forgotten the meaning of "Liberal".
A LEADING East Lancashire Liberal Democrat has signed a letter protesting over spending cuts.

David Foster, Lib Dem group leader and former deputy leader of Blackburn with Darwen Council, said it had been ‘an easy decision’ to join 87 other councillors from across the country who are critical of the size, and speed, of the cuts being imposed on councils.

Size and speed? Really? The cuts we've seen so far amount to tiny percentage points of total spending. I don't think we have even started to reduce spending yet, only slow the increase in spending. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
“These cuts will have a massive impact on all council services – including care services – and cannot be done without cuts to the frontline services and making forced redundancies.”

I don't know how many times I can get away with repeating this so I will try to make it the last time.

Most of these "services" should not be provided by the council anyway, and as for job losses, the public sector is so bloated we could sack downsize 70 percent of them with little or no impact.

However, in the short term we could always stop it with this bollocks.
WORK is set to begin on a [38,000 pound]crime-busting lighting initiative in Burnley after the scheme beat off competition from nearly 40 rivals countywide.

Lights don't "bust" crime. Effective policing and personal responsibility are needed to tackle crime.

In my experience, lights just give yobbos something to hang around so they can see who they are threatening to "kick the fuck out of". Before running away like little girls if they are challenged.

Look who it is again:

Mr Happy Wank himself, spending more of our money.


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