Saturday (I don't want to blog about politics) Night

I've not got much time for writing this evening. Two parties.

I've just got back from my mates housewarming party. They've bought a huge detached, four bedroom house with a double garage. I'm jealous to say the least. Everyone I know with a garage, fills it with junk and parks the car on the drive. Why is that?

At 7 we're off to my sisters thirtieth birthday party. I imagine a long lie in will be called for in the morning.

When I turned thirty, Mrs Bucko threw me a surprise party at our local boozer. (Since shut down because of the smoking ban). She planned it weeks in advance, had the pub decorated in all the tacky birthday getup and arranged for all our friends and family to be there.

We went out in town during the afternoon, I can't remember why, and on the way back I decided I fancied a beer so as we drove past the boozer I did a quick swing into the carpark and said, come on lets have a pint. It was all too sudden for Mrs Bucko to say no (that's why I did it like that).

When we walked in there were a few locals at the bar and the pub was full of these thirtieth birthday decorations. I looked at the gaffer and said, "Who's thirty?". I didn't know Mrs B was stood behind me waving her arms ad going Shhhhhh!.

The gaffer said, "Oh it's one of the guys from the diving club", I said, "Funny, I'm thirty today too". We had a pint and left.

It wasn't until the evening when Mrs Bucko took me out for a "quite pint" that I realised what it was all about.

Totally oblivious.

Anyway, have a good Saturday.


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