Grow your own veg. The NHS are paying.

The bloated entity that is the NHS, with a ring-fenced budget protecting it from cuts, has just donated forty seven thousand pounds in cash to a healthy food scheme.

A healthy food scheme? I hear you ask. Yes, healthy food in the shape of allotments. Grow your own veg. Apparently it,

It gets people outdoors being active and produces healthier food.”

Please, somebody, explain to me why getting people outdoors is the remit of the NHS. And as for healthier food, apparently organically grown food is no healthier than the stuff grown with pesticides and fertilisers according to this article:

*Meanwhile a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found organically grown onions, carrots, and potatoes are no healthier than traditionally produced vegetables, say scientists.
They do not have higher levels of beneficial antioxidants and other substances that are good for us than those grown with traditional fertilisers and pesticides, a study shows

Anyway, back on topic,

A HEALTHY food scheme which has seen Hyndburn’s allotments multiply 10-fold has received a cash boost of £47,000.
A pilot allotment scheme from environmental charity Prospects which was due to end this year has been judged such a success that it has received the NHS funding to create more food growing spaces than ever.

It took fifty standard sized allotments and split each one into ten mini ones.

Really, this charity that was due to end, should have ended.

Prospects volunteer and council opposition leader Coun Miles Parkinson said "[_]In these times of austerity it’s quite amazing Prospects have managed to get this funding. "

No shit Sherlock


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