Embrace the big society. But not if you've lost your cat.

Council threatens man with fine over lost cat posters
A council has been criticised for threatening to hand a £1,000 fine to a pet owner who put up posters of his lost cat.

Me and Mrs Bucko once did the same when our cat, Biscuit disappeared. Within 24 hours, someone had contacted us. Apparently she had been hit by a car. The person who called us had found our cat and called the police. They had taken her to a vet who had put her down because of her injuries. It was very sad but because of the posters and one caring person, we found out what had happened to Biscuit. We then took down the posters.

Mike Harding, 44, was issued with a 48 hour ''remove or pay up'' ultimatum by Bedfordshire Borough Council which accused the driving instructor of ''fly-posting''.
He said: ''I received a call from the council telling me that I needed to take the posters down .

There's fly posting and there's looking for your cat. I don't know why I should expect the council to make that distinction and show a little compassion.

''When they did, they told me that I shouldn't t be putting up posters and if I gave them my address they would tell me why.

''So I did and I was expecting information leaflets, instead they sent a letter saying I could be fined.

And there's your mistake. You assumed they would show a little compassion so you gave them your address. The council is the enemy. Never volunteer information that they can use against you as they invariably will.

A spokesman said: ''Our Environmental Enforcement Team discovered more than 20 of Mr Harding's 'lost cat' posters. Some were nailed to eight trees along The Embankment.

And there's another shocker. In these times of supposed austerity, we are still paying for environmental enforcement teams, although it seems by the tactics they use, they may be paying for themselves.

I sincerely hope you all loose your jobs as part of the cuts. I really mean that, from the bottom of my heart. Heart? You know what one of those is, right?


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