Bullied into submission

This is weird.

National Bullying Helpline closes down

But has it? Look at this screengrab from the story.

Bullying helpline closes down. Then look at the related stories:
Bullying helpline reopens
Bullying helpline suspended.

What on earth is going on?

Seriously though, it seems the helpline has closed because of a lack of cash and because the Chief Exec resigned after accusing the Broon himself of bullying.

Of course, being another fake charity it needs more of our cash.

The trustees said in a statement: "This last year, calls to our helpline have trebled and we have had to take on additional volunteers and resources to meet demand.
"Without doubt, this demonstrates that a free anti-bullying helpline is a much needed and much valued life-line for the general public - adults and children alike.
"The closure of our charity will be a great loss to the public.

Of course. A great loss to the public. Where will will turn to now if we get bullied?

Or here?
Or maybe here?
What about here?
Or possibly here?
Or even here?
Or maybe even here?