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Fan changes name  to Blackburn Rovers Football Club

A FOOTBALL fan loves his club so much he has changed his middle name by deed poll to Blackburn Rovers Football Club.
Lee Anthony Spary, 29, of Penshaw Close, Pleckgate, is now Lee Blackburn Rovers Football Club Spary after legally altering his name online.
When I read the headline, I thought they meant all of his name, not just his middle one. It's just gone from the desperate act of a mentally ill person to a blatant attempt to get his name in the paper.
Who uses their middle mane anyway? I wonder if he will be dumb enough to use this name on job application forms. I know potential employers do not have much of a sense of humor where the application process is concerned.
Lee said his decision was sparked by optimism surrounding the club’s £23million takeover and ‘a few drinks’.
Now I know you're not suppose to be able to get a tattoo when you're pissed up, but how quick is the process of changing your name? Can it be done after a few bevvies or does it take weeks? (And is there a cooling off period?)
But less than 24 hours after signing his old name away, Lee admitted he began to question the move as Rovers crashed to a record Premier League defeat at Old Trafford.
One defeat and he's having second thoughts? I would have thought a fan with the dedication to change his name would not pale after one defeat.

The former Pleckgate High School pupil said: “It was just a mixture of optimism and alcohol I guess.
"It was late on Friday, I’d had a few drinks and I was excited about the game against Manchester United.
“Morten Gamst Pedersen was in the Telegraph saying he fancied his chances of reliving the day he got two goals five years ago, and I just thought ‘yes, we can do it!’ Then on the Saturday we got hammered!”
The season ticket holder, who attended his first game at Ewood Park in 1991, said his friends think his new name is ‘hilarious’.
LOL! I would learn to handle your booze a bit better if I were you. Oh and by the way, your friends may thing your new name is hilarious, but they are laughing at you, not with you ;-)
But his parents have greeted the news with a mixed response.
Lee said: “My dad said something like ‘what are you doing that for at your age?’
“My mum is as Rovers daft as me, so she didn’t mind.”


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