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A Bristol charity which helps women who have been trapped in the sex industry has claimed a £5,000 cut in funding would have a "massive impact" on them.

It seems there's a charity for every walk of life. All of them have been given rafts of cash from the previous government, all of them have expanded beyond their original parameters and all of them are shitting themselves because they are loosing the free cash and cant live the high life anymore.

The One25 charity, which runs a mother and baby home called Naomi House, will lose the money after cuts to a central government parenting fund. 
 A central government parenting fund. A parenting fund from the central government. MPs stealing our money and giving it to people with kids. ???

But the Family and Parenting Institute, which has cut One25's grant, said the organisation was still getting £182,000 of funding over a two year period.
 One hundred and eighty two thousand pounds over two years. It sounds a lot when you spell it out, doesn't it. That;s because it is a lot. Money that we have earned, looted from us and given to the "needy". And they complain because some of it has been cut. They are so used to sucking the taxpayers tit with no accountability, they can't bear the thought of being cut off.

Maybe I'm being to hasty? Maybe they really do good work with our money. After all, as the headline stated, it goes to women who have been "trapped" in prostitution.

Let's see what they do.

Ms Hill said: "It will hit the most vulnerable people in society and that's who we work with so we'll get less money but be asked to do more work."
 Well, I kind of expected that. Every little group with a vested interest are the most vulnerable people in society these days.

What else?

"The women weren't on the streets, they were being fantastic mums and being drug-free and so we saved lots and lots of money for the taxpayer."
How does this save money for the taxpayer? By spending taxpayers money on getting prostitutes of the street and off drugs we save:

Costs of prosecuting prostitutes (Maybe we could legalise prostitution?)
Cost of prosecuting the kerb crawlers who would have used the prostitutes (Maybe we could legalise prostitution?)
Cost of future drug rehab (Maybe we could leave people to accept the consequences of their own decisions)
Cost of paying for people who have kids and cant support them (See above, and maybe we could spend the money on educating society rather than paying for their mistakes)

I'm stepping on the territory of uncaring guy who doesn't give a shit. It's not that. People have problems and sometimes need help. The best possible help comes first from yourself. It doesn't come from rafts of public cash. And a charity should be just that. People helping others, rather than existing off government handouts.

 The Parenting Fund supports 90 projects across the country, making a real difference for many of the UK's neediest families
 Main quote from the home page:" It's great that I now have access to coffee mornings and David loves playing with other kids at the playgroup"
 You have all that anyway, without spending our cash. If the parenting fund are giving 182,000 pounds (One hundred and eighty two thousand pounds) of our cash to one charity out of 90, how much are they wasting in total?

The answer is here but you have to search by region and I cant be bothered (you don't hear that in the MSM), but we know it will be a hell of a lot.

Besides,Coffee mornings have been banned.

Another quote from that page.
I now understand how to cope with not only my stress but his and have learned different things to avoid him becoming stressed.

Most of us figure that out for ourselves.

I find Guinness helps me and I think I'll have another.

(PS. I did this post last night while drinking Guinness and scheduled it for now. I dont drink Guinness at ten o'clock in the morning. Usually)


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