The best of 2010

New year is nearly upon us, though I don't hold out any hope for much in the way of change. I am hoping for a complete restoration of civil liberties, an end to socialism, no more taxes and a lottery win. I'll probably settle for a new car.

There have been a few changes this year gone by. The biggest being the general election. No more Labour, Yay! Replaced with a coagulation of similar muppets, Nay! ID cards have gone, yay! The smoking ban is still here, Nay!

I started this blog shortly after the election. I'd been reading other blogs for a while and decided I wanted to try one of my own. It was supposed to be a little bit of political discussion and a lot of cars and mechanics. That didn't pan out. It's been all politics, news and views and I've not done one single car related post.

That probably worked out for the best. I've had 30k hits, loads of comments and discussions and met some great people online. Thanks folks.

I think the highlight of blogging this year has been the Ciggy Busters fiasco. Everyone got involved in that and we beat some righteous anti smokers into submission. A quick Google search shows they haven't returned.

Here are my favourite blogs from the year, in no particular order:

Dick Puddlecote. For showing the anti-smokers up for what they really are.
Ambush Predator. For a no holds barred look at the main stream media and British justice.
Underdogs Bite Upwards. Some great, essay length posts on anti-smoking rubbish.
The Boiling Frog. For educating me in a subject that often escapes me, the EU.
Captain Ranty. For invaluable information on the Freeman movement and Lawful Rebellion.
Also Longrider, The Soundbite, The Filthy Engineer The Angry Exile and The Deniersaur.

Hopefully there is plenty more to come next year.

Other highlights of the year:

Best film: None, they were all crap.
Worst film: See above.
Best tune: Roll Deep ft Jodie Connor - Good Times.
Worst tune: Anything by JLS
Best book: I've not read any of this years new books. Southern Cross by Patricia Cornwell might be the best I've read in 2010.
Worst book: See above. I did try something by James Patterson but it got binned after a couple of chapters.
Best TV: Supernatural, season six.
Worst TV: The X Factor, I'm a celebrity, Come dancing, Eastenders, Corrie, Hollyoaks, etc.....
Best blog post: What exactly is a doctorate?
Worst blog post: Steparoo's Big Adventure

Here's to 2011 and plenty more good stuff.


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