Assange arrested.

I've paid very little attention to Wikileaks so far. I'm not really interested and it doesn't seem like much of note has been leaked anyway.

I might need to take another look now that Julian Assange has been arrested in London on sexual assault charges from Sweden.

If this guy is actually leaking serious, top secret government documents, he can't be arrested on charges of espionage or revealing state secrets. That would validate all the information he has released. People might start to take more of an interest and the information might appear on more websites.

However, convicting him of rape charges discredits him as a person and discredits all the "secret" information he has released so far. The sheep are unlikely to believe the word of a convicted rapist, they are more likely to call shouting for his balls to be cut off or some such rubbish.

In the meantime, Wikileaks quietly disappears. Job done.