Demonstration, Demonstration, Demonstration.

Another Day of violent demonstrations as the government wins the vote to raise tuition fees.

You all know my thoughts on this now, having posted here and here about how they should be willing to pay their own way in life and stop all this nonsense.

So my views aside, what does the rise in tuition fees actually mean?

Universities currently charge 3290 pounds per year in tuition fees and receive the rest from direct government funding (Taxpayer).
Government cash is to be withdrawn, under the new system, and students will have to pay the shortfall themselves. This will not apply to science and engineering type courses.
The cap on fees will rise to 6000 pounds, or 9000 pounds in exceptional circumstances.
The government will continue to provide grants and subsidised loans for fees and living expenses.
Under the current system, students are charged a near-zero per cent interest rate on their loans. They also repay nine per cent of their salary above £15,000 until the debt is paid off. As part of the Coalition proposals, repayments will not kick in until graduates are earning £21,000.
If debts are not repaid after 30 years, they will be wiped out.


The general theme of the protesters is that the poor will be priced out of further education. This is simply not the case. Nobody will repay anything until they are earning 21 thousand pounds per year.

The purpose of university education is to get into a good career and be not poor. Nobody is asking poor people to pay for their education upfront. They are asking them to pay for it when the purpose of their education has kicked in and they are no longer poor. The debt will even by wiped out if you have been consistently unsuccessful for thirty years.

Of course this system will not work for you if you have a degree in Chav Culture or Daytime Serials or David Beckham Studies or golf studies You are never going to use your degree course as a serious career option, therefore you are only in it as a hobby on the taxpayers dime.

This new system will not exclude the poor from further education, however it may exclude the lazy and stupid. Unless of course, they want to pay for it themselves, although in our modern society of entitlement, it's usually the stupidest and the laziest that shout the loudest for free stuff. That's because they know they are incapable of creating values for them selves.

That's why they protest.

That's why I hate them. It's my money (and yours) they spend.


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