You can never be too careful (Part 2)

According to The Telegraph:

UK cancer death rates for women are among the worst in Europe

British women are more likely to die from cancer than women living elsewhere in Europe and the gap is widening, figures showed.
The figures came in the latest Social Trends report from the Office for National Statistics, which included detailed comparisons of Britain’s position within the rest of Europe.
The ONS report said: “Breast cancer is the most common form of female cancer in England and Wales. It is also the second most common cause of cancer deaths in women, after lung cancer.”

Death rates from breast cancer fell in the UK and the rest of Europe between 2000 and 2007. “However, the death rate from breast cancer for women in the UK has remained higher than the EU in 2007 at 26.8 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants compared with 23.6.”
Time for some more ASH inspired statistics now. 26.8 deaths per 100,000? That's 0.027%

The figures showed that the gap between the UK and the European average for cancer deaths among women had widened.
In 2007, 153.7 women out of every 100,000 inhabitants died from cancer, 22.2 more deaths than the average across the 27 EU countries. This gap was wider than at any point since 2001.
 153.7 Cancer deaths out of 100,000 women. 0.15 percent. And what is the percentage gap between Britain and the rest of Europe? 0.02%

Clearly this is an out of control epidemic and something should be done. What is the answer?

Catherine Thomson, head of statistics at Cancer Research UK, called for better screening to detect cancers at an earlier stage.
“Some progress has been made for breast cancer but our rates are still among the highest and there is clear room for improvement,” she said.
Cancer research UK, calling for better screening? They're usually calling for random draconian action like banning smoking in cars.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said ministers would introduce a new £200 million a year Cancer Drugs Fund to provide better treatment.
Ah, there it is. Millions more in funds to big Pharma because women in the UK have an infinitesimally larger chance of getting cancer.
The same is true for men - whose cancer rates are worse than those of women.

But the Telegraph could not be bothered to mention this fact.


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