Wont someone tell Andrew Lansley to put a sock in it.

Bosses Urged To Set Up Breastfeeding Rooms

The Government is urging employers to set aside private areas to allow mothers to continue breastfeeding their babies after returning to work.
I really must be missing something here. Please enlighten me if you understand this better than I do.
New mothers are supposed to take their babies in to work so they can breast feed them?

A public health White Paper due to be published this week will set out proposals to encourage firms to adopt "breastfeeding-friendly employment policies".
Breast feeding friendly employment policies? And who is supposed to pay for this nonsense? Are employers not better creating policies that promote production and growth?

Ministers argue that increasing breastfeeding rates has the potential to reduce the impact of health inequalities and cut infant mortality levels.
Some Studies Show that breastfeeding reduces infant mortality, although having read them I'm more likely to be convinced that fourth hand smoke is deadly. It seems to be another avenue or righteous nannying. We think you should breastfeed, therefore you should.

They are particularly concerned that just 66% of women in manual jobs breastfeed compared with 88% of professionals.
Here we go. Lets create another poor victim group. The nasty rich people breastfeed more than the poor people. We need to coerce the poor into breastfeeding more, even if they don't want to, you see it's for their own good.

Among the measures they are hoping firms will adopt is the setting up of private areas where women can breastfeed their babies or express milk, with facilities to store it for use later.
Ministers also want employers to give mothers greater flexibility around when they take their breaks, enabling them, where possible to return home during the day to breastfeed their child.
This rubbish is not the remit of an employer. Provide breastfeeding rooms. Supply equipment. Allow babies in the workplace. No. It's the responsibility of a parent to take care of their child in their own time and with their own resources. If they are forced to work because they can't afford not to, don't have babies until your situation improves. Simples.

"Giving young families good support is key to tackling health inequalities and key to good health in the whole population," said Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.
"Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to give babies good health, but our society doesn't always make it easy for new mums to do it.
"If we can make it easier more mums would breastfeed and they might do it for longer, giving their children the best start in life."
Health inequalities? That seems to be the buzzword of the moment, doesn't it. Of course it doesn't mean anything. It's just another avenue of intrusive nannying.

Andrew Lansley is turning out to be a right tit. Not only is he advocating this nonsense, but if you take a quick trip to Dick Puddlecoat's place you'll see he also wants plain fag packets, minimum alcohol pricing and calorie counts on menus. Just fuck off!

Like I said. Tit.


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