The United States of Anti-Smokers

US To Enforce Graphic Anti-Smoking Labels 

Because smokers really care what pictures are on their packets.

Corpses, cancer patients and diseased lungs are among the images planned to take up half of each pack of cigarettes sold in America.
The campaign has been announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce tobacco use, which is responsible for nearly 500,000 deaths per year in the US.
It's been done before and it didn't work. The ethos of the anti-smoker seems to be, if at first you don't succeed, keep repeating the same tired old mantra until the cows come knocking to be let back in.

Smokers don't care what graphic images are on their packets. Pictures of diseased lungs or old persons hands or the teeth of those with bad oral hygiene; they have no relevance to smoking and smokers aren't going to be put off by them.
About 20% of Americans smoke - some 46 million adults - but the reduction rate has mysteriously stalled since 2004.
Some experts have cited tobacco company discounts or lack of funding for programmes to discourage smoking or to help smokers quit, so the FDA is proposing 36 possible labels.
They don't know why the reduction rate has stalled? Are they serious? It's as plain as the fag in my mouth. When governments and pressure groups began their relentless hectoring and nannying, smokers got pissed off and decided they were not going to be pressured by the righteous.
When they started bleating on about the dangers of smoking in any outlet that would give them an ear, more and more young people were drawn to smoking.
Do they just not get this? Obviously not.

Campaigners hope the labels will discourage youngsters from starting to smoke - each day about 1,000 teenagers become addicted and more than 4,000 try tobacco for the first time.
Since when have youngsters been put off by graphic images. I'm playing Resident Evil 4 at the moment. It's a hugely popular game amongst youngsters. That game and others are popular because they contain graphic images. Kids always want to watch the goriest films possible.

When was the last time a 14 year old said I don't want to watch that film because the telly man just said it contains graphic images.

They will be collecting the packets for fucks sake. Kids will be asking you if you've got any swaps.
The labels include a man with a tracheotomy smoking a cigarette, a cartoon of a mother blowing smoke in her baby's face, as well as cigarettes being flushed down the toilet to signify quitting.

Collect them all, kids!

"This is going to stop kids from starting to smoke... and it's going to give smokers a strong incentive to quit smoking," Patrick Reynolds, grandson of RJ Reynolds and executive director of the Foundation for a Smokefree America, said.

Erm... I betya it doesn't

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