Total brainlock

I don't know whats wrong with me this evening. It's definitely not the Guinness, that's never stopped be blogging before. For some reason I just can't string a sentence together tonight. I must be out of sorts.

Some bloggers are losing the rage. For me it's increased ten fold this weekend.
I'm sick to death of reading stories about the people I voted for, still blowing tax payers money on a grand scale and still suppressing liberty like it was going out of style. I voted for the first time in years and I voted Conservative. For some naive reason I thought they would be better than Labour.

I'm sick to death of my job. I used to travel the country running pubs for a decent sized brewery. That was until the socialist bastards closed all the pubs. Now I sit at a desk listening to small people moaning about insignificant problems that don't matter a big fuck. I'm subject to the whims and hobbyhorses of people who are taking shit from on high and dumping it on me. They don't realise that I've been a manager, I've taken charge of a much bigger workforce and I know the score. Trouble is, it doesn't matter what they realise. They're in charge.

I'm sick to death of insignificant jobsworths in the papers, fining people, reporting people to the authorities, beating them up in cells et fucking cetera.

It's like I'm surrounded my small minded people who want to use me to big up their own petty egos. Sometimes, getting on the blog and venting some steam to people who understand what I mean is the only respite I can get. It's sad really when the virtual world becomes more real to you than the real world.

The only really good thing in the real world for me is Mrs Bucko. She's an absolute rock at times. I don't know what I would do without her.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. The original reason for this post is brainlock, and I think it's being caused by all the reasons mentioned above. I've started loads of posts today and abandoned every one of them because I just couldn't come up with the words required to finish them.

There's the councils who want to raise parking fines, presumably to offset the cuts.

The adults going nuts over a kids wizard film. (Yeah, I like Harry Potter too. JK Rowling, I'm not such a big fan of.)

The sale of Blackburn Rovers football club to chicken farmers from Pakistan. I don't normally get involved in football stories, snooker is my sport, but this is reaching epic comedy proportions. There's 156 comments on that story already. Most of the LET articles reach 10 tops.
Even PETA have gotten involved in this one. Apparently Venkys, the chicken farmers who have bought the club, don't treat their chickens humanely. Whatever....

And last but by no means the least, the vindictive righteous are still shutting pubs. This one really boiled my piss. Apparently it was one of the locals who shopped them. I made a small donation to the campaign. It just shames me that I can't afford more than a couple of quid. Best wishes to them.

That's about it for the rant. Mrs Bucko has just challenged me to a game of Point Blank on the Playstation because she's bored. It's scary how good a shot she is. Women have no business being so accurate with a pistol :-)

Speaking of shooting, my shotgun license finally came through yesterday. Soon, when I have a bit of steam to vent, I'll be able to take it out on some clay pigeons. Should be good. I'm a terrible shot.

Have a good Saturday evening, from the Moose.


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