Smokers Mist. The final nail.

As The Underdog explains, all the anti-smoking arguement boils down to is, "I don't like the smell".

All other reasons have been totally debunked. Well now I've found a solution to the problem of smell.

Smokers Mist.

Now there are no more excuses:

SMOKER'S MIST Smoking Odor Remover for Hair Skin Clothing [2oz Misting Bottle] $2.99


SMOKER'S MIST (TM) is an unscented misting spray that instantly eliminates smoking odor from hair, skin and clothing, and DRIES COMPLETELY ODORLESS. It contains an integrated system of neutralizers specially formulated to eliminate the smell of cigarettes, cigars, pipes - ANY SMOKING ODOR - on contact. SMOKER'S MIST is the perfect companion for smokers or people who work in or frequent smoking environments, and want to be smoking-odor free.

SMOKER'S MIST instantly eliminates smoke odor from HAIR, SKIN, and CLOTHING!

Holding SMOKER'S MIST 3 to 4 inches away, LIGHTLY mist your hair, skin and clothing (it is not necessary to saturate). Repeat as often as necessary or desired.
SMOKER'S MIST comes in a discreet, handy 2-oz. spray bottle that tucks discreetly into pocket, purse or glove compartment. Available in single bottle, or in trays of 12.
I sounds ok for some, however I much prefer this solution:

Rabid Anti-Smoker repellant.


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