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'Full functioning' Darwen Christmas lights mothballed

A ‘FULLY functioning’ set of Christmas lights worth thousands of pounds has been mothballed after Darwen Town Council decided to replace them.
Confusion surrounds the traditional display outside the town hall after the town council said the lights were ‘defunct’ and they were taken down. But Blackburn with Darwen Council, which installed them around two years ago, said there was nothing wrong with them.
As a result, the town has two sets of lights, one on display and the other in a warehouse. 
 There are certain types of monumental fuck ups that only town councillors can achieve. Lights work, lights don't work. Lights work, lights don't work. Oops. Now we've got two.
I doesn't get any sillier.

Meanwhile, a large-scale ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is still in storage and may not be put up because the brackets are the wrong size.
Oh, that's silly.

Marsh House councillor Simon Huggill said: “Any rational person would think that organising lights is not a difficult thing to do. I find it very difficult to understand how we struggle to organise something so simple every year.”
Because you're a bunch of clueless town councillors. It's blindingly obvious to me.

In August town councillors branded the previous display ‘abysmal’, calling for more to be done. 
 "More to be done". Is this what that time honoured hectoring cry has shrunk to? Christmas lights?

Town Mayor Paul Browne insisted: “The lights were more or less defunct, they had seen better days.”
He claimed the previous set of lights had not been environmentally-friendly.
Oh you useless tit!. Is it more environmentally friendly to scrap a perfectly good set of lights and spend your constituents council tax on a brand new set? You've not even put the old ones on Ebay. They're sat in a warehouse collecting dust.

On the ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, Coun Browne added: “The company has got to have some bigger brackets made. That’s the problem now, we are waiting for them to come back."


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