"Life saving" self defence.

Live saving knife defence classes in Darwen

'LIFE-saving' anti-knife crime classes are being run in Darwen over fears of children carrying blades.
Martial arts teachers at Sudellside Community Centre have attended a special course run by the Ben Kinsella Trust in London, so they can teach young people with no self-defence training, not to 'freeze' if attacked.

There is only one real defense a knife fight. Don't get in one. If someone pulls a knife on you, turn 180 degrees and run like the wind.

I've done a lot of martial arts in my youth and studied a lot of self protection methods. There are numerous ways of defending against and attack with a weapon. Most involving grabbing the wrist, side stepping and twisting etc. The fact is, they're all too dangerous. If someones holding a knife, executing a perfect move is still likely to get you cut, making a mistake in the heat of the moment is likely to get you dead.

“This scheme is aimed at people with no training whatsoever.
“It’s about working on your reflexes."
He added: “These techniques aren’t pretty. They’re about doing something to save your life.

I question the wisdom of teaching children that it's possible to win a knife fight. I would suggest run away is the only sensible option to be teaching, rather than giving kids the confidence to stay and fight, and possibly get stabbed instead.

Techniques for disarming an armed attacker should only be taught to someone who is already well versed in unarmed combat.

I've seen a lot of fights in my pub years. It is very rare that you can't turn and walk away, or even run if you are threatened. Most of the beatings I've seen are the result of someone not backing down and buggering off. It seems people would rather get decked than loose face by turning tail.

“The skills like making your neck shorter so you are slashed across the face rather than across an artery are about your instinct to survive."
Now I've never heard that one before. It's such a stupid statement, I had to read it a couple of times to see that I'd read it right.

Flight should be the first thing you teach kids. It's ok to turn and run, particularly if your aggressor is holding a knife.

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom from the comments section:

slammer wrote:
What a load of bull, there is no defense from a knife attack except run as fast as possible.
Giving children hope that they can defend themselves against an attacker is dangerous and ill conceived.
If somebody pulls a knife they have the mindset to do so and will have the advantage.
Offering the face instead of the neck just means that they will get stabbed more.


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