Come the revolution. No, not you!

I've longed for the day when we see chaos in the streets. The day when people finally stand up and say "No. We will not take this anymore".

Well today it finally happened. The trouble is, it was the wrong people.

Those of us who have our hard earned money and out freedoms looted from us daily, sit back and do nothing. We grumble but we take no action. We let the government keep taking more of our money and giving it to the "needy". We let them take ever more freedoms on the flimsiest excuses.

Those that are used to receiving the money and values looted from us drew first blood today because they were told that some of that free money may be taken away. They were told they might have to start paying for some of the things they want in life.

An estimated 20,000 students took to the streets to demonstrate against increases in tuition fees. This number eventually swelled to 50,000 and the militant "anti-cuts" brigade hijacked the demo and caused violence and bloodshed.

And where were we, the providers, while all this were going on. Why were we not out in the streets 100,000 strong saying no. Why were we not saying "You can't have any more of our money"?

We were at fucking work, that's why.

I rarely disagree with Old Holborn, but on this topic he is right behind the students.

To quote:

My standpoint on this is very simple. If the State is going to demand 40% of your income, the State can damn well pay for you to acquire the skills.

My standpoint is this.The state has no right to demand 40% of your income. Students have no right to demand the taxpayer funds their education. If you are going to protest, protest the state theft of your income. Don't protest for the state to steal more income from others and give it to you.

You cannot justify one wrong action by pointing out another one comitted by someone else.

Those who spend the wealth have been very vocal these past few months. Now they are also taking action.
When are those who create the wealth going to make some noise?


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